Thursday, 28 January 2016

He's got a black heart..

Dress: H+M // Cardigan: Laura Ashley
Bag: Pepa Loves

 So, having been concerned yesterday about how far behind I seem to be falling with life, I came home happy after a really productive evening's meeting and spent a good few hours sorting out the first of the shoes for the new shelves. It's so hard to decide which ones I want to be on there, on display. But it's quite a fun job and I've rediscovered so many pairs I'd forgotten I had. Not sure when I'm next at home, next week I think, but I'll hopefully have them finished soon!

This outfit was one of those quickly-dug-out ones. I've not worn this dress for so long, and although it needs altering a little, wearing a cardigan over it protected my modesty a little at least. I remembered when I went to do up all the buttons at the back of it why it's been so long since I'd worn it - a little tricky to get on and off, particularly when my arms were aching from the previous day's gym session. 

I'd totally forgotten about this cardigan, which I haven't worn for years, but was having a little sort out of knitwear for this weekend's insta-sale and decided this was one to hang onto.


  1. Love this! That shade of green is to die for! I'm looking forward to seeing your lovely shoe shelves when you've finished! xx

    1. Thanks, I'm hoping to do a proper post on them soon as they're almost completely filled!

  2. I love the cardi. I meant to say on your other post, I have no idea what squats are! I though they were like leg things, but saw something the other day when someone said they squatted with 'x' amount of weights. It confused me!