Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur..

Dress: Rachel Riley* 

I'm feeling all kinds of positive after managing to beat my PB at the gym for squats, followed by a rather enjoyable evening of sorting things out, getting rid of old things and adding to the pile for the clothes sale. The shoe shelves are now full (although quite what happens if I get a new pair of shoes, I'm not sure) and whilst 50 or so shoeboxes were collected the other day for a local good cause, I still have oodles more. I've picked out the ones in best condition and am using them for storage, both on top of the wardrobes and on top of the new shelves, so it's been a case of sticky labels at the ready

Bag: Vendula London // Collar: River Island

This pretty kitty dress is a Rachel Riley one - I've lusted after her designs for a long while now, and this is my favourite print, I think. When it came to accessorising it up, I was lucky to receive this rather amazing feather collar and brooch, which I purchased through Depop last week. So fluffy! I love the orange colour of the feathers and decided it was the perfect thing to wear over this dress for a party, although that I'd also need a coat for the parts where I'd have to be outside. 

Coatswise, I'm spoiled for choice really, but took the opportunity to dig out this lovely houndstooth vintage coat, which is kind of so big that it's more like a cape, as it sort of swooshes around me and the sleeves are a bit magician-y. It was £10 from a charity shop in Colywn Bay, many years ago, and I rediscover it each winter without fail and wonder why I don't wear it more often.

Coat: Vintage 
It's been quite exciting rediscovering some of the shoes which have been hidden away in boxes or inaccessible under the piles of boxes which had been there, and also finding homes for some of my pretty handbags. This thatched cottage bag is still topping my list of favourites, I think.

Love + Magic heels: Irregular Choice


  1. I love it all!!!!! So beautiful!!!x

    1. Thank you - I couldn't pass up this opportunity; such a cute print!

  2. Well done on beating your PB! You look awesome here, the bag and shoes are making me crazy jealous! xxx

    1. Thanks - I've been feeling a bit disheartened with gym progress recently, so it did really help give me a boost.

  3. I love everything in this outfit! That cat print is adorable, shame they don't do plus-size, I'd have bought it in a second. I missed these shoes, I thought they were quite expensive at the time and then they sold out quickly and never went cheap enough for me! I just bought a houndstooth swing coat the other week from Collectif. I feel a bit swamped in it...I'm terrible, I want to belt it in!

    1. Agh, that's a nuisance. I think my shoes came via Spartoo. This coat is ridiculosly large - it's got no size tag in it, and you could fit another one of me in it, but I love it.