Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Tuesday Titles 080..

Fixing Kate
Fixing Kate - Amanda Murphy

I spent a lovely lazy morning on Saturday reading something a little quick and easy. In fact, my whole weekend was pretty relaxing and this was just what I needed. 

Kate, in her high-flying career has her life pretty much sorted. Although still searching for her perfect man, she is surrounded by a superb bunch of friends who never fail to keep her entertained. In fact, things are pretty great for Kate.

Until, that is, she has an accident at work and ends up in hospital for many months. Her friends rally round and try to make sure that Kate is OK and well on the road to recovery, bringing her regular care parcels and swooning over her dishy doctors. 

Although almost entirely set in Kate's hospital bed, enough happened for it not to get too boring. A cheerful, easy story to please just about any optimistic romantic, I'd say.