Saturday, 5 March 2016

Magical Flamingo..

Truly Magical heels: Irregular Choice
Dress: Handmade (Bette pattern) // Cardigan: H+M
Tights: Primark // Bag: Miss KG

Since buying this bag, with the sole purpose of matching it with the heels it was made for, I've used it loads on it's own. Ho hum. I can confirm it's the perfect size for phone, door key, lipgloss and a theatre ticket, which is what I usually carry in it.

Anyhow, what's even more crazy is how long it's taken me to get around to wearing these heels, which I received for Christmas. And this dress, which I made shortly after visiting the Hobbycraft show in November. 

I decided that making it to the end of a trying week deserved some colourful recognition and really like the effect of these shoes with the coloured tights underneath. 


  1. The shoes absolutely deserve to be shown off - wow!

  2. I absolutely love the cardie and dress! Was the cardie a recent purchase? I hope so as I would buy one!!! I was expecting to see your ic flamingo shoes when I saw the title! You look really pretty in these pictures, particularly the one where you are smiling! Yes, I can't wait till this week and weekend is over!!! The plasterer is here for the whole weekend and he arrived before 8! Groan!x

    1. I'm afraid I've had the cardigan since I was at Uni, so probably about ten years ago :(