Thursday, 31 March 2016

Pterodactyl Pie..

Brooch: Erstwilder // Dress: Rosegal*
Tights: F+F // Cardigan: New Look
Coat: Cath Kidston
I'm Bossy heels: Irregular Choice // Bag: Primark

 Well, today is certainly a fabulous day. It's been a while since I last wore this dress, but I noticed it this morning because the colours seemed spring-like and the sunshine has been bright. To be honest, most things are pretty bright at the moment, which I'm pleased to record. A lot of the things I've been stressing about lately have been resolved, and I feel pretty happy of late, which I'm hoping is set to stay.

This coat is one I received for my birthday last year but have barely worn. Figuring it was the perfect light layer over this outfit, I kind of matched it to my shoes - loving all of the Spring-y things lately. 

I popped into town last week with an hour to spare between collecting a parcel from the depot and a meeting to go to, which gave me the chance to have a leisurely browse of Primark. I picked up this (lonely) milk carton bag for £1 on the sale stand. Yes, it's tiny, but it's cute and I'm all about the aesthetics. 

Another thing which I'm finding aesthetically pleasing at the moment is my fast-growing collection of Erstwilder dinosaurs. This is the first brooch to feature - Pterry the Pterodactyl - which matches the pie background so well in my opinion. I'm clearly having a bit of a brooch moment, of late. 

Anyone else having a fabulous day?


  1. Yay! for feeling happy, I'm glad things got resolved.

    1. Yep. It's been a bit of a stressful time but thankfully seems to be going the right way.

  2. That brooch is stunning. Love that coat too, beautiful print. I was in Primark briefly for the first time in over 2 years recently...was totally unimpressed, they had nothing I liked.

  3. This was the only thing I picked up for myself, I was mostly in there for birthday presents!