Sunday, 20 March 2016

Sunday Shoes 101..

IMG_7100 IMG_7101

I've fallen behind with my Sunday Shoes posts lately, but have finally made some progress in tackling the shoe mountain. This pair has been sitting in the background for a while, and were in my photos on this post, but I haven't talked about them in much detail. 

When I first saw Pretty Poodle, I almost dismissed them as being too much like my Tiny Ted heels. I mean, they really are quite similar. But then I realised how much I really like my Tiny Teds. I've worn them so much since I received them and I really like pink, so I was pretty easily swayed, it has to be said. I then popped online to find that my size had already sold out. Bah. 

A quick call to the lovely Amy at the Brighton store and I had a pair on the way in the next day's post, though, and I certainly had no regrets when they arrived.

The similarities are there with the Tiny Ted heels - the perspex heels, ankle straps and bows on the back are all shared features. The upper of the shoe is a lovely irridescent pink colour, finished with scalloped edging which is such a cute touch and I've seen on a lot of new styles lately. 

The soles are this season's polka dots. I have to admit, these polka dot boxes and soles are probably my least favourite of all of the IC shoe box designs over the past few years. They just seem a little less imaginative to me than all of the other lovely themes we've seen. 

What does win it for me, is the super poodle on the front - a curly haired cutie with a flower in it's hair. I love the fuzzy texture of this and just how fitting I think it looks for a fifties theme. I so often think I was born into the wrong decade. 

What do you think of Pretty Poodle?



  1. those retro shoes are so lovely.

  2. I'm glad you got them, well done to her! To be honest, they are not my cup of tea because I'm not a HUGE pink fan (I have pink garments and I like it, but I'm more of a blue girl!) but I can appreciate their appeal!x

    1. I go through phases of favouring different colours but pink is always up there with my favourites.