Monday, 11 April 2016

Just a fine and fancy ramble to the zoo..

Chester Zoo 1 Collage Chester Zoo 2 Collage

I don't have a lot of words today; it's already turning into one of those manic weeks and we're only a fifth of the way through. Ah well. 

The weekend was at least a lovely chance to relax. Despite a rainy Saturday morning, I got a few more seeds planted at the allotment, heading back home when the weather just seemed to be looking worse and worse. I tootled on up to Wales to visit some of my favourite people, and spent a lovely evening catching up on all of the news which you miss when you don't see enough of them. We spent the day at the zoo on Sunday, which was great fun, and managed to make it home without needing to be towed out of the mud (even better!).


  1. The photos look such great fun!!! I've never seen a live flamingo!!! They are so cool!!!! Glad you got to spend time with precious people!!!

  2. We loved having you stay, always a pleasure 🐢

  3. This has given me a hankering to visit a zoo, and soon. Spending time with our favourites is time never wasted :)

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely, busy weekend! I took a trip to my local zoo last week when my best friend and her son came to visit. You can't beat a day at the zoo! xx

    1. I hadn't been for a while but it was great fun!