Sunday, 10 April 2016

Sunday Shoes 104..


Say hello to my latest Irregular Choice character heels. These are Blushing Bird and were released in a couple of colour options (the only ones available at this time seem to be the black / grey version). When these were first released, I wasn't sure I'd end up with a pair, but I did in the end, and I like them more than I'd realised I would. 


The main shape of the shoe is fairly standard IC, modelled presumably on the regular courts. The uppers are a lovely jaquard floral fabric, covered with a smattering of little roses, which I love as they add another dimension. The fronts also have a lace-covered bow, which is the perfect finishing touch.


Blushing Bird boasts the same polka dot sole (and striped box) as Pretty Poodle, and the heels, although the flamingo makes them seem quite narrow, actually have a fairly wide and sturdy base. Standing in these, they seem totally comfortable, fit well and feel perfectly sturdy. My main concern, and something I haven't yet tried, is things like walking down stairs as the head of the flamingo protrudes beyond the back of the shoe, which strikes me as a little risky. On the website, they even mention to take care when walking down stairs - eep.


Inside the shoes, the ubiquitous embroidered Irregular Choice logo, with velvet floral lining. I really like the scalloped trim around the shoes, which seems to be becoming a rather common feature. This time in a kind of oily metallic leather, which is also found on the back of the shoes, above the flamingo head. 


Such a crazy combination of pretty features and yet they somehow all come together to work perfectly. The heel is a rather muted colour palette which I think coordinates really well with the other colours in the shoes, and I really like these - I'm just going to have to be super cautious when wearing them. 


  1. I did think these were absolutely gorgeous when I first saw them! The colours and features work so well together that they don't look remotely crazy, just very well made!!! Look forward to seeing you wear ALL the FLAMINGOS! You've got to do it!!!x

  2. Oh, they are absolutely stunning! Fingers crossed you don't end up falling down any stairs! xx

    1. Haha, I'm more worried about losing the heads of the flamingoes :(

  3. Love these. The print does vary between shoes, I'd ordered two pairs and luckily the pair I was keeping had a really nice placement with big pink flower on the outer side of one and big blue on the other. My other pair had a lot of detail in the inner sides, but weren't that interesting from the bits you could see. I haven't had the chance to wear mine yet either, but sideways is the way to go downstairs I'm thinking!

    1. Yep, I didn't have the option to order more than one but I was pretty lucky with the placement, the flowers seem to be on the fronts and the less exciting stem print on the insides of the shoes, which is good. I agree, sideways!