Sunday, 24 April 2016

Sunday Shoes 106..


These Blair Elfglow boots have been waiting in the wings for a little while now. I seem to have had something of a glut of new pairs of shoes to talk about, and the #IrregularAlice ones seemed to jump the queue when they arrived.


But, finally I can focus on the blue and yellow loveliness of these boots. I'd consider the shape of these to be what comes to mind when I think of traditional ankle boots and my favourite feature is the faux button effect on the scalloped side of the boots - very reminiscent of the Victoriana buttoned boots, which was always the kind of feature Mother would go for on our school shoes (although obviously black, not these colours). 


I love the ribbon ties at the fronts of these boots; they're just for show as the boots fasten with a zip on the inner side. And can we just focus on the wonderful mix of patterns and the kind of magical way that even though they're a total patchworky mixture, it all works so fabulously well together that they *still* manage to look like one of Irregular Choice's more understated designs. How? I can only assume it's witchcraft, but I totally approve. 


Thoughts? Want your own pair? Get them over here


  1. I love Blair Elfglow! I would totally buy a pair if they were lower. I have two pairs of Poetic License shoes with the ribbon laces and I really like them but these with the buttons and florals are just magical!

    1. I'd buy more PL shoes if they were higher!

  2. That has to be one of the prettiest pairs of shoes I've ever seen! Love the navy ribbon against the yellow. xx

  3. Haha, I know, I agree, they are understated compared to other IC. I've always adored the name of these, I wish I'd got a pair of the ones that came out last winter, I loved the turquoise.

    1. They're so pretty and definitely a pair I'll get a lot of wear from.