Friday, 15 July 2016

Friday Favourites 204..

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This week's wishlist is aiming high, to say the least. I've been spending far too much time on the Lyst site, lusting over pretty things I haven't a hope in hell of affording this side of payday, but a girl can dream right...? Frankly, Lyst is the first place I'd head if I got a bonus or won the lottery or something as there is just so much temptation. But I've narrowed my picks down to a few favourites.

001: I can't remember *quite* how long I've been in awe of just about every Vivetta design ever, but this swan print Melissa dress from the current collection is probably second only to the teddy bear skirts we saw in the 2012 drop. The embroidered flowers and butterflies lend themselves to being worn with so many different colours that it's a lot more versatile than one would initially imagine a dress with embroidered swans to be. Right? 

002: Perfect for layering over the aforementioned swan dress, I'm drawn to this beautiful coral coloured jacket - super chic with a tie at the waist. I could layer this over just about anything for the perfect summer evening cover-up. 

003: Sticking with the butterfly theme, these Sophia Webster platform sandals are just so detailed and so dainty! They'd match the Vivetta dress so nicely, I think. Sophia Webster are one of those designers who I'm surprised I don't already have in my wardrobe, as some of the designs are just my cup of tea.

004: Speaking of designers I can't believe I don't already own - Charlotte Olympia is another. Shoes which I've just adored for so many years, and the ones I always stop in fancy department stores to drool over. I love that the heart design on these platforms is so simple and yet so effective, with that dainty little cut out detail to the back of the shoe.

005: Another Vivetta dress, with more floral embroidery, which I just love. A relatively simple, classic cut with the added interest of the flowers and stalks across the bodice and the top of the skirt. Again, the mix of colours here would lend itself to being teamed with all kinds of shoes - I've gone with a couple of options.

006: An absolute dream for me would be to one day own a pair of Louboutins and frankly these winged sandals are a thing of beauty. So dainty and yet they'd make such a statement. My favourite pick of all, for sure.

Have you visited Lyst at all? I've been adding to my wishslists on there and have set up sale alerts for all of these items. Fingers crossed I can get a bargain!


  1. The Louboutins remind me of the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter. You could do a themed Hogwarts outfit with them! All the items are gorgeous!x

  2. Oh my goodenss, I am so in love with both of those dresses.