Saturday, 2 July 2016

Ladybird ladybird, fly away home..

Cardigan: Voodoo Vixen
Can't Touch This heels: Irregular Choice // Dress: People Tree

It's been a pretty good week all in all, apart from a little glitch where I was actually told I "wasn't allowed" to speak to a mutual friend, who completely failed to point out how pathetic this was to the person who'd said it. I have to admit, I'd expected better of my friend, but no longer have any respect for him after that.

But, childishness aside, work has been great, things are going pretty nicely everywhere else and I'm almost certain that the house hunt has just come to a successful end. I just have to keep my fingers crossed that my offer is accepted now. Eep! 

This week has been all about meetings and interviewing so I've been dressing a little more work-y than usual. (By my standards anyway). This ladybird cardigan is by Voodoo Vixen and has been waiting patiently in my knitwear collection to be worn. I've been trying to be as ruthless as possible where it comes to my overflowing knits suitcase; anything which is bobbled or baggy is on it's way out, although the list of knitting projects I'm wanting to find time for is also growing steadily.

Anyhow, I love the ladybird embroidery and also the tie collar detail on this cardi, which was a gift from my Mum at Christmas. I've layered it over this People Tree dress (which successfully hides the fact that the dress is a little big on the bodice these days - I'm so disproportionate!), and some old faithful Irregular Choice heels. 

Fingers crossed for lovely weekends all round..! 


  1. You look so pretty! Sorry to hear about childish friend- that is truly ridiculous!

  2. I love those heels, I've got the turquoise version. Cute cardi too. Haha, I'm disproportionate the other way, if it's tight across my bust, it'll be baggy on my hips!