Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Tuesday Titles 098..

The Perfect Marriage : Debbie Viggiano

This was a cosy little read and kept me entertained whilst I was on the treadmill last week. 

Rosie Perfect's life is far from being just that. She's feeling stuck in a marriage to a bloke who's, quite frankly, a bit of a tool. She also has a young baby who her workshy husband takes almost no notice of. From the outset, it's clear we're rooting for Rosie to get out and start her life over.

Step in Handsome Stranger, who Rosie meets on a night out and who becomes her knight in shining armour almost immediately. Suddenly it seems that Rosie might just have an exit plan from her marriage. If her husband doesn't stand in the way, of course.

There are a couple of other intertwining storylines, which are somewhat predictable in most cases, and a little dramatic (the funeral scene made me cringe with every inch of my being) but overall the book is enjoyable. Of this and the other Viggiano I've mentioned recently, though, I'd go for The Ex Factor if you only have the time or inclination to read one. 

A cutesy romantic comedy; nothing too deep here. 


  1. This sounds like my kind of thing, something light and fluffy. I do love my fantasy reads but sometimes that's all you need isn't it? Some escapism for a couple of hours. Will have to try and find a copy of this soon! - Tasha :)

    1. Sometimes you just need something a little easier to read. I like to mix up my genres so I don't get too tired of a particular type or theme.