Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Tuesday Titles 101..

First Comes Love : Emily Giffin

Described as a "modern day Jane Austen", according to the back cover. Now, I'm not sure I'd go *that* far but I also feel as though that phrase is kinda over-used. Anyhow, on to the book itself..

First Comes Love is a story about the tenuous relationship between sisters Meredith and Josie. We pick up with them fifteen years after their brother, Daniel, was killed in a car accident. They both live with the consequences of what happened to Daniel and it affects both girls' lives, both in ways you would and would not expect. 

Career-girl Meredith has done everything right, hasn't she? High-powered job, husband and child; a family home which people need to remove their shoes to step into. Nobody could find fault with her life. Except her sister, Josie. 

Josie is a teacher who still regrets screwing up her relationship with the One Who Got Away. Desperate for everything Meredith ended up with, and yet equally desperate not to show it, she is trying to figure out the best way of getting her life back on track and getting what she's always wanted.

With chapters alternating between the two sisters, we really do get to see both sides to every story and argument and this book had me nodding in agreement so many times at the accurate portrayal of growing up and working on getting along with your sisters. 

I'd have liked a little more about the Will relationship, and if I'm honest I didn't really like either Josie or Meredith, but that didn't matter too much. I still enjoyed the book. 

First Comes Love will be released on 22nd September - let me know how you get on.

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