Friday, 30 September 2016

Friday Favourites 215..

001 // 002 // 003 // 004
I can't believe it's Friday again - it seems like just five minutes since the last one, which I guess is the sign of a busy week. I've still managed a teeny browse of the Interwebs and have come up with a little wishlist - what else is a girl supposed to do when she's waiting for a conference call?

001: Lindy Bop are gradually releasing some of the new prints they've been teasing us with for months now. I'm hanging on for a few of them, but have been frantically refreshing the new-in page daily just in case and this Paris border print is amazing. 

002: After months of going without a Fitbit since the demise of my third and final Flex, I think I might have settled on a new activity tracker - Kate Spade have just released this one and I'm keen to add it to my gym bag. In fact, forget that, it's so pretty that I'd wear it all the time. 

003: With the weather as unpredictable as a teenager's mood swings, lately, this cute raincoat from Cath Kidston is basically an essential. 

004: Oh, the new Vendula London range has done it again - this is the piano bar grab bag and frankly, I'm in love. The roof is made from black leather and pink glitter and it's just so sparkly. Need!

Anything caught your eye this week?

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Don't threaten me with a good time..

Dress: Cath Kidston // Cardigan: Vintage
I'm trying so hard to fight this exhaustion, lately. I know I've mentioned before that I'm struggling to get my iron levels up to a point where I can actually retain them - I was turned away from blood donation, yet again, which is always a good indicator that they're not great, but this is despite three ferrous sulphate tablets per day. Such a pain. 

I've been trying hard to keep on track with things; life has been so busy lately that I seem to live from one to-do list to the next, but sometimes I'm just finding that I'm too tired and something has to slide. Hopefully I'll feel better soon. If only it were socially acceptable just to curl up and sleep for a week. Instead I'm mainlining coffee to keep me ticking over.

Anyhow, today's outfit as inspired by Kezzie's Instagram post - I'd sort of forgotten about this dress until I saw that, and went with this ladybird cardigan to pick out the green in the train print. I've been trying to make an effort to remember to wear more jewellery, hence the necklace.

Trinkletina heels: Irregular Choice // Bag: Topshop // Necklace: New Look

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

You had fire in your soul..

Dress: Emily + Fin // Shoes: Irregular Choice 
Cardigan: H+M // Bag: George // Necklace: Topshop

I'm so confused with the weather, of late. I keep being told we're in for a "hurricane" later in the week, but so far it's just been a little blustery, so I'm not sure I'm convinced. 
As it started out chilly when I left the house, I opted for a pair of black tights, and a long cardigan with this Emily and Fin dress, which I know I've worn with these shoes before, but hadn't been feeling particularly inspired to opt for anything else, as I quite like them together.

I finished the outfit off with this little perfume bag, which I've used quite a few times since snapping it up from Asda (!). The Topshop collar necklace is a really old one, covered with different jewelled bugs and beetles. I miss the days when their jewellery section used to be *so* good.

It feels like so long since I've had a little chance to sit and catch up, but I think I should be able to do that tonight. I've got a rare evening to myself, some sewing to finish off and some baking to practice, and I'm raring to go...Laters. 

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Tuesday Titles 107..


Are you a bath or a shower person? I've got to admit, I'm not fond of baths. They just take so long to fill (particularly with my poor water pressure), and then I spend my time sitting there thinking of all of the other things I *should* be doing with my spare time, which really isn't very relaxing at all. Instead, I tend to get up, head straight to the gym for a swim and then shower and go to work from there.

But if, like me, you're looking for something to make your time in the tub a little more exciting, The Ultimate Bathroom Book has got your back. Filled with nuggets of information and interesting little facts and figures about what people get up to in the bathroom, the most famous bathrooms and much more.


This book has been in the bathroom for a few weeks now and it's one of those which you can just pick up to flick through when you're in the bath. Bright, colourful pages full of little facts - you don't have to devote a lot of time to it, but it's perfectly entertaining and has been commented on by a few people so far. It's the sort of book which would make a good gift for someone who's tricky to buy for, I think. Available direct from it's creators here - you too can find out how dinosaurs played a part in inventing the bathroom....


Monday, 26 September 2016

I love it when those vampire bats get tangled in my hair..

It can be quite tricky to keep up to date on the latest TV trends when you don't have a television or the internet at home. Now, this doesn't often bother me, but it does mean that until I can get my hands on a DVD boxset, I never know what anyone's talking about on Twitter - I've never seen the Great British Bake Off, The Bridge, or Stranger Things - and I often feel as though I'm the only one in the world who doesn't know who A is, or why Winter is Coming...

Given that I have a bit of an obsessive personality anyway, I tend to watch things a little differently - I hate to start something unless I've got the whole season (or series) available to me, and I can binge-watch box-sets with the best of them. My latest addiction has been American Horror Story - having heard *so much* about it, I put some HMV vouchers to good use earlier in the year and bought myself the first four seasons, which I've not taken long to watch my way through at all. I'm just about to begin Season 5, which dropped through my letterbox this weekend and then I'll be right up to speed with the rest of the world. For once. 

My favourite season so far, is Freak Show. Hands down, I loved just about everything about it. The 50s setting, the retro cirque vibes, and some of the saddest back-stories (Twisty and Pepper) and as ever, I loved the clever little links between some of the other seasons.

For anyone who isn't yet hooked by AHS, My Voucher Codes have come up with the perfect infographic to get to started. I totally hadn't realised that there were real-life characters who formed the basis of some of the seasons, although from what I've heard about S6, I know there's some real-life inspiration there and I can't wait to see it. 


Are there any other AHS fans out there?

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Just another LA devotee..

Dress: Vintage // Bag: Gamiss*
Shoes: Poetic Licence // Necklace: H+M

So, every now and then I have a little wardrobe clearout and list some of the things I'm parting ways with on my Instagram sale page. Thankfully, this seems to be something which a lot of people seem to do these days - and I was thrilled when my friend Emma listed this lovely vintage dress on her account

Teamed with my new elephant bag, a red necklace which was a Christmas gift and a pair of wedges which I've not worn enough, I rather like it. 

Saturday, 24 September 2016

The tortoise and the tourist..


Let's talk pets! As you might know, I've been the happy owner of this little cutie for a few years now, as a friend could no longer keep her. As a child, I'd always dreamed of having a pet tortoise, but growing up in a household with Alsatians made it a bit of an impractical suggestion. 

When I knew that I would actually be able to welcome a tortoise to my home, I decided I needed to read up on a few things, just to make sure I could give it everything it needed. I know that all pets are a responsibility, but some take a little more preparation than others. Tortoises, like lizards and snakes are classed as exotic pets and usually need a more complicated set up than some of the more common household pets. With the increase in people wanting to keep exotics, the RSPCA have come up with a quick #TropicalChronicles guide, which covers the basics for anyone who might be wondering if a new pet is right for them. I think it's really good and figured I would share some of my experiences as a tortoise owner.


B has a tortoise table (which is basically a run, with a covered section at one end) which has a heat lamp at one end and a UV strip light across one side. As I don't yet live in somewhere with a secured garden, it's rare that she gets to explore outside, so the UV light gives her what she needs in terms of sunlight. When I do take her outside, we have to keep an eye on her - tortoises are pretty great at escaping. 

If you're after an affectionate pet, a tortoise is *not* the one. They're not particularly happy with being handled and they don't do cuddles. They're quite inquisitive and B will try to explore most things, so it's important not to lift them too high or put them anywhere they could fall from. 


She's fed on a mixture of leaves - sometimes lettuce (although Romaine leaves; Hermann's tortoises shouldn't eat iceberg lettuce as their systems can't cope with it), often dandelions, clover and watercress, with some curly kale. I've tried various seed kits (this and similar) and to be honest, I like that as I know that everything I'm growing is definitely safe for her to eat. I do also bring plants back from the allotment, but that tends to mostly be dandelion, as they're easily recognisable and not mistaken for anything which could be harmful. Special treats include tomatoes and strawberries - her favourite!

With her food, I add a pinch of calcium carbonate, which is important as some of the green foods can hinder calcium intake and that's what helps a tortoise's shell and bone structure to grow properly. She's also got a cuttlefish bone, which is a good source of calcium which is always available to her, although she doesn't often bother with it. 


I'm quite lucky to live quite close to a really great vet who specialises in reptiles, keeping many herself. I've only had to take B to the vet once, when the humid temperatures caused by the boiler exploding caused her to get a respiratory problem - it's always a really bad sign if you can hear your tort making a kind of "popping" sound when they're breathing. She was totally find after a course of antibiotics, though she hating having to be injected every day. But a good vet is definitely something to do your research on before you get any kind of exotic pet.

The RSPCA site has lots of great advice for new and potential pet owners and it's always much better to read up on these things first, before taking the plunge and then causing yourself (and your new pet) unecessary stress and worry.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Friday Favourites 214..

FF214 1 Image
001 // 002 // 003 // 004 // 005
FF214 2 Image
006 //007 // 008 // 009 // 010

I didn't really plan for this week's wishlist to have any theme, but by the time I'd bookmarked this amazing duck print coat and the puffin dress, I knew that one was kind of forming and I thought I'd just run with it. So here are my favourite bird-printed picks of the Interwebs at the moment...

001: I know I mentioned Palava's new collection last week, but there are more and more lovely styles which keep catching my eye and I love this long-sleeved border print dress. 

002: Printed cardigans are my favourite and this one features parrots!

003: New Look are winning the handbag game with this lovely embroidered clutch. 

004: Sugarhill Boutique never seem to fail to come out with some lovely jumpers to layer up and I really like this cute bluebird print. 

005: Puffins! If this dress weren't jersey, I'd have ordered it already...!

006: Another Yumi find - this bird print is really similar to my recent Gamiss bird dress, I think. 

007: Another Lindy Bop print - hummingbirds, this time and the Clarissa features a lovely neck tie detail which I think gives it such a retro look. 

008: Vendula are knocking it out of the park - as usual - with their new season range, and this lovely birdcage frame bag is just perfect. 

009: Cath Kidston seem to have re-released their classic bird print dress - yay! 

010: Farnkly my favourite item this week - this AMAZING duck print dress coat, from Palava, would be perfect to finish off any party outfit. Can I find space for another coat in my life....?

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Flamingo Pink..

Earrings: H+M // Bracelet: River Island

Dress: Collectif // Bag: Topshop
Shoes: Lindy Bop

So, reason eleventy billion why I love Collectif is the new Antoinette flamingo print dress. I had a charity ball to go to last weekend, and this seemed like it would be the perfect thing, paired with my Lindy Bop shoes.

The dress itself kind of surprised me with just how wonderful it was when it arrived, I mean, I make no secret of my love of Collectif, particularly recently, with my new Dolores and my sale picks, but frankly Antoinette is on a par with this beauty. The fabric itself has a lovely satin feel, rather than the cotton sateen I was expecting, and it's fully lined, with several layers of tulle to make the skirt pretty substantial on it's own. (I added a petticoat, but you really don't *need* to, at all!)

Since it was a special occasion, I went all out and wore some pink lipstick (I'm *so* not a make-up wearer, this is about as good as it ever gets for me!). I felt super self-conscious and had to reapply it about seven times, but it kind of made me feel more"fancy". 

Ever put on a dress you felt was just made for a party?

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Tuesday Titles 106..

The Art of Hygge
Alternative title: In which I try to understand the concept of Hygge. 

Unless you've been living in a cave, you'll probably have heard that the latest lifestyle trend has made it's way here from Denmark and looks set to take over our winter. Hygge, roughly translates as a Danish word for cosiness; frankly, it's all about general well-being. Hygge can refer to those cosy little moments where you're snuggled up in front of the log burner with a hot chocolate and your favourite slippers (or more appropriately, some hand-knitted socks) on, or that sniffly feeling you get after you've been out in the cold to explore the snowy countryside.


I asked Twitter what they thought it meant and here are some of the responses: Cosiness, comfortable warmth; Enjoying life's simple pleasures; Candles, snuggly blankets, mulled wine.
So far, it seems that everyone is pretty much on the same page and a general understanding of Hygge is filtering through to the masses. I can understand how this could be a welcome change in the lifestyle book genre, when the recent past has seen nothing but life overhauls and new clean eating diets every five minutes. I can see why, after a fairly rocky 2016, the UK is ready to embrace this concept. Fathom think there's a little more to it than just cosiness, but we're kind of there.


So, how can you achieve this for your own life? Well, The Art of Hygge is a rather beautiful book full of ideas, from recipes to home decor. It's full of suggestions for your downtime - playing board games with friends and exploring out of doors to embrace nature over the constant buzz of your phone screen - all suggestions which are always welcome in my book. We don't switch off enough lately (I know I mention this a lot!) but it's certainly a surefire way to help your well-being. As someone who has been rather embracing the idea of hibernating lately, if hygge can help persuade me to switch off a little, I'm all for it. Are you in?


Time to string some bunting up in that cave.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Dogs and stripes..

Dress: Voodoo Vixen // Cardigan: H+M
Bag: Marc Tetro // Heels: Irregular Choice

 Another Monday morning feeling utterly exhausted. Happy, but exhausted. After spending most of yesterday too tired to do anything but a little housework and some sewing, I'm beginning to think that maybe my iron levels are causing more of a problem than I first thought. Three tablets and a handful of spinach daily doesn't seem to be boosting me at all and the last time I recall feeling as tired and run down as I have been lately was when my iron deficiency was at it's lowest point to date. Maybe infusions are the way to go, after all. Bleugh.

Anyhow, today's outfit was hastily thrown together this morning; I'm not sure whether the cardigan was the best choice, as I'm feeling rather self-conscious lately about my midriff. Well, about all of me if I'm honest. Things would be a whole lot easier if I could get away with just wearing a sack, I think. Perhaps I ought to try it.

What I do like, is my Marc Tetro bag. It's mighty big, but that meant I was able to carry four parcels I needed to take the post office, along with my other daily needs, all in the one bag. Quite useful! Plus, the dog is just super cute. 

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Bet he feels like an elephant..

Dress: Gamiss* // Cardigan: Topshop
Elephant Bag: Gamiss* // Shoes: Irregular Choice
Dolly Coat: ASOS 

Well, I still have no idea what's going on with the weather - all I know is that a day which started out cold enough to need a coat (which gave me an excuse to wear a new coat!) was significantly warmer by the time it got to lunchtime. By the time I got to the gym after work, I'd also had to ditch the cardigan. Crazy weather days. 

Anyhow, I'm mostly excited about these cute birds and another novelty bag - this elephant is pretty cute, right? I'm considering some kind of novelty bag challenge, to remind myself of what I have and try to use more of them, as I often seem to reach for the same ones.

My shoes are an old favourite pair; I can't begin to imagine how many times I've worn these heels since I bought them from Spartoo, but they're one of my favourites as they seem to go with just about everything.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Friday Favourites 213..

Palava1FF Image
001 // 002 // 003 // 004
Palava2FF Collage
005 // 006 // 007 // 008 // 009

Creators of pretty dresses, Bryony, have recently rebranded - they are now called Palava and have just released their cute new AW16 range of clothes, which I'm very excited about. I've picked out a few of my favourites from their new arrivas:

001: I think that this dress might be my favourit of the new collection (or at least until the Xmas print one hits the website). I love the pale mustard background and all of the birds. So lovely, as is the bag (003) in the same print, but with a different background. I think they'd complement one another nicely.

002: The lovely teal background on the Irene dress is covered with a charming print of little dancers, with a lovely full skirt - perfect for parties!

 Frankly, the whole ballroom collection is lovely, I think. The grey background (004), or the black (005) is the only question really. I was so pleased to see that the super print features a giraffe. Essential to any party, no?

Palava also do some amazing socks and tights - my favourites are these stripey ones (006), which would be perfect with the mustard dress (001). As for the sparkly zig zag ones (007), I think these would go rather perfectly with the navy lurex cardigan (009).

008: I love a petticoat - I think that they can finish off just about any outfit and I'd love to add this sparkly one to my little collection. 

What do you think of the new Palava range? 

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Oh, Dolores.

Dolores Dress: Collectif // Why Not Shoes: Irregular Choice
Bag: Ollie + Nic // Cardigan: Primark // Brooch: Topshop

The thought of a capsule wardrobe terrifies me. However, if I had to choose some items to go in one, I'd definitely pick the Collectif Dolores dress. It's almost as though it's made for me - I love the length, and the shape so much. Thankfully, every year, lovely Collectif seem to find more superb prints to release it in. (Keep it up please, guys!)

One of the latest offerings is this paper doll print and I couldn't wait to add it to my growing collection (so far I have cherries and mermaids, and there's another I've not yet worn), and I'm really happy with it. 

For a more relaxed look than usual, I didn't wear it with a petticoat and went for some fairly low wedges (I've worn these shoes so much that their sole is crumbling away, which makes me sad), but despite the longer length than my usual hemline, I don't feel frumpy in this with lower shoes.

The paper doll print has a variety of colours to pick out to match items to and it seemed high time I took my apple bag out for a spin. I treat this leopard print cardigan as a neutral, so added that too. 

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Tuesday Titles 105..

Love Hunt - Fiona Walker

Having read a lot of psychological thrillers and the like, lately, I was feeling in the mood for something a little more upbeat. Frothy, if you will. So, in an attempt to read my way (one day!) through the pile of unread books by my bookshelf, I plumped for this and got stuck in. 

I've read some Fiona Walker books, and assume they must have been from the same series as some of the characters were familiar to me, which was comforting because as with all of her books, there are a LOT of characters to keep track of. 

As you'd expect, a couple of the minor storylines are a little far-fetched (read: Pheely's slimming regime), but the central one focuses on Trudy, who is a hasbeen celebrity. Spending her early life as a pop star means that she's always looking back at the love affair which got away. 

When she and husband Finn fall on hard times, Trudy has to decide whether she can bring herself to tap into her innermost emotions and write her autobiography from that time. To keep her distracted along the way, a secret admirer begins leading her on a treasure hunt to his heart.

Yes, it gets a little out-there, but I think Walker's writing style, full to the brim with puns and fabulous word play, brings it back from the brink of potential mishap and results in a fast-paced and thoroughly enjoyable romp through the lives of the village residents.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Graceful swans of never..

Necklace: Matalan
Monday, again?! It's been a rather lovely weekend, full of socialising, and yet also rather productive. I managed to run, did some tasks at the allotment and found some time to sew, as well as clearing out a few more things and catching two outdoor cinema screenings at a local National Trust property.

Dress: Julia (F+F)
An outfit from last week, where I had a party to go to after work and no time to change in between. I think this dress might be the perfect colour combination for these Irregular Choice Savan heels.

Savan heels: Irregular Choice
I don't want to speak too soon but this week already seems to have gotten off to a productive start. I have a lot to fit in, so I'm glad about this. But I've managed to get some planning done for this week's return to Rangers, including admin for an upcoming trip. I've also made a start on my swimming challenge - I'm doing the Aspire Channel Swim again this year, and I've ordered two new winter coats. Hoping one of them is perfect!

Cardigan: H+M
Very happy with this little handbag from George, of all places. It was something I spotted around last Christmas but was sold out when I tried to order it. Recently it seems to be in stock again and I picked it up with my new pillowcases last week. It's quite small, but large enough for all of the essentials, and reminds me a lot of these

Bag: George @ Asda
How's your Monday going?

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Sunday Shoes 120: Lindy Bop Rita


Something bright and sparkly for a Sunday morning. I have to admit, I'd not even been looking for shoes when I noticed these. There are approximately eleventy billion dresses I'm waiting to be released, so the New Arrivals page on the Lindy Bop site has been one of my most-frequently visited sites, of late.

Rita Peep Toe Heels: Lindy Bop

Anyway, as soon as I spied these shoes, I knew I wouldn't be able to resist them. I've got to go to a work function soon which is going to be a proper ball, so I'm planning to wear these for dancing the night away. (I've only agreed to go on the basis that there'll be dancing!) 


The Rita heels are quite low, by most people's standards, yet they retain the perfect proportions of a lovely 50s shape shoe. Plus, of course, bows on the front and all-over glitter! They're insanely comfortable and I'm currently wondering why I didn't go for the other colours as well. The glitter seems quite stay-fast, which is always a concern with glittery shoes, but I don't envisage any problems here. 

Friday, 9 September 2016

Friday Favourites 212..

FF 212 Image
001 // 002 // 003 // 004 // 005

OK, it's September and I know the weather is still pretty summertastic, but I could not wait a moment longer to round up some of my favourite coats. We all know I'm obsessed and that at my house a coat avalanche could take us out at any second, but that's besides the point.

001: So, this one has been setting the hearts of many a blogger on fire lately and who am I to pass it by? I love the cat detail on this trench from Miss Patina - so cute and would be purrrr-fect (sorry!) with my Aristocat blouse. 

002: Alright, so the Tara Starlet loveheart coat might not be a winter coat, exactly. It's more a Spring coat, as it's quite lightweight (I know this because I already own the red version), but it would be great until the weather got worse. Plus, y'know, it's cute.

003: I know I keep saying this lately, but Tu Clothing are knocking it out of the park, lately. I can't get over how cute this checked coat is, and just when you think it can't get any better....they add an awesome blue faux fur collar into the mix. Um, yes please! 

004: This polka dot Aida Zak coat from Collectif looks to be the perfect thing to layer up over your winter outfits. I do like it when a coat has a decent full skirt, as I have to layer it up over so much skirt, usually.

005: I know that this long-awaited Fever Kubrick coat has been a big hit already - it's selling out fast and with the combination of it's beautiful boucle and that lovely fur collar, I can totally see why.

Are you looking for a new winter coat? It's one of my favourite winter traditions. 

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Back to school..?


With the world currently filled with everybody in a fit of back-to-school mania, panic buying pencils and notebooks, I've done a little shopping of my own. Although I've not been having a break from the gym as such, I had a couple of weeks around America where I was away and other things have meant that either my gym training buddy has been away when I've been about, or vice versa so I've been doing different things. Sometimes that's just the way it goes and a change can be as good as a rest, or so they say...

One of the things I've been doing a lot more of in recent months is running. I'm still not a fan of it. I don't track myself, at all, and I don't feel that excited enthusiasm which a lot of people I know who run seem to get. I've been doing Parkrun locally, when I can, and it became apparent (two toenails later) that I probably needed to get some new shoes for running outdoors.

So, a couple of weekends ago, I stopped into our local Up and Running, jumped on the treadmill and was given some advice and some options for new shoes which would be better for my feet. I can't find these exact ones online, but they're Brooks shoes and I've had to get a size larger than my usual shoe size. So far, I'm finding them really great for running outdoors and am saving my old trainers for gym classes only.


There have been a few other new additions to my gym kit bag as well, as I decided that when I was sorting through some of my existing stuff recently, that a lot of it was past it's best. I took a bag full of old gym clothes to the fabric recycling bin when I went to the supermarket last week, which left me space for some replacements. 

I bought a pair of leggings (the crazy yellow print ones) from H+M and sports bras from both H+M and Primark (the same shape and style as that seems to be the most comfortable for me) and also replaced my headphones with this pair which fit around the ears, since my old ear buds were past their best and had a tendency not to stay in whilst I ran. 

So, it's funny how shiny new kit has refreshed my enthusiasm for gym things. 

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Princess of Central Park..


It seems a lifetime since I was in America, I'm so fully back into my normal routine, and yet I still have oodles of photos to sort through. I figured the next bundle to share were some of my favourite shots from Central Park. 


These were taken over a series of a few days. We stayed in a youth hostel really near to the west side of Central Park, for three nights when we arrived, and then another final night the day before flying home, so I was able to run in the park on each of the mornings we were in New York. One of the things I knew I wanted to find was the Alice in Wonderland statue, which is lovely.


One of my favourite things about the park was the fact that it's just so immense that you'd be forgiven for completely forgetting that you're in the heart of one of the biggest cities in the world. It seems so tranquil, which is odd in a way. There are lakes (one which has turtles in, although my photos of them aren't great!)


Typically, I'd get to the park just before 6am to run and there'd already be a hive of activity, with people walking dogs, lots of runners and invariably bikes. It was somehow still pretty quiet and calm, and completely different to the odd occasions we walked through parts of the park during the day. I found that things looked completely different with heaps of people in the park. 


On my first morning, there seemed to be a bike race taking place through the park, which was quite nice to watch as I ran past on the running track. I liked that there were water fountains about along the runner's track as well. 


Near to the Turtle Pond, the Delacorte Theater shows free Shakespeare plays all through the summer, which is rather awesome. I was sad that our schedule was so full that it wouldn't have allowed us to attend, even if there had been tickets. But there were some lovely Shakespeare themed statues around the theater - Romeo and Juliet were my favourite.


The crazy thing is that even though I saw something else each day I was there, I didn't really explore a lot of the East side of the park, didn't go to the zoo or near to the museums, so I know there was a lot more to see than I managed. It was really nice to have a little place to escape each morning, though.