Thursday, 1 September 2016

August #PhotoAnHour..

For whatever reason, I've been fairly hopeless at keeping up with Jane and Louisa's #Photoanhour challenge this year. But, finally I managed to remember, on the correct day and actually took some photos. So, here they are, since for some reason my Instagram account doesn't like to post things at weekends when I'm at home. The whole signal seems to drop from our building, and I've never quite figured out why.

Here's how my first Saturday at home in a long while panned out.

6am - can't sleep so playing my new obsession (Dot Knot)
I'm a bit of a rubbish sleeper so am always up relatively early at the weekends, but Saturdays at home at least mean that I can have a lazy start to the morning as I don't need to be out of the house until about 8.45 for Parkrun. (This is a massive improvement on weekday leaving time which is usually around half past 5).

7am - I've migrated to the living room as I have a project which I need to finish...
8am, - finishing touches added and ready to pack up into a parcel. 

9am (well, a little before as I don't take my phone to Parkrun, but that's where I'm headed)
10am - Back home and in the shower after stopping on my way for a gait analysis at the running shop. 
Saturday seemed to be one of those days I managed to get a lot of the things I've been meaning to do for a while ticked off my list, so that was nice. Like, new running shoes. 

11am - collected my new shoes! 
Midday - In the queue to post the aforementioned parcel at the Post Office.
I spent the majority of my afternoon helping out at my friend's shop, which is a haven of quirky and colourful gifts and treasures. She had some errands to run as well, so between us we held the fort for the rest of the day.

1pm - Shopkeeping

2pm - I went to drop off a bag of things for the charity shop, and managed to resist these lovely kitties..
3pm - There were Morris Dancers all around the town as it was Folk Festival weekend,; here are some performing as I rushed past to get some coffee and cake.
4pm - Still in the shop. Sent this sticker to my favourite man. Who says romance is dead?
5pm - I went to pick up a new sports bra from H+M and was inspired by these dungaree shorts so snapped a photo to remind me to make myself a set. 
6pm - Quick coffee and a catch up with one of my besties
7pm - Made some chocolate crispie cakes for a friend 
8pm - Rather yummy dinner! 

9pm - Used some of the leftover chocolate from baking to make myself a snack for tomorrow.

Thanks to Jane and Louisa for hosting and sorry for not posting at the time! I'll hopefully be better this month as I've signed up with their handy reminder...! 


  1. Yay!!! I LOVED seeing your day. I've always been intrigued by the idea of your jam-packed days and was dying to know what they entail!! You are very good helping your friend out and her shop looks nice! Mmmmm, chocolate crispy cakes are my favourite!!!! 5.30am is insane. There should not be two 5's in any day!x

    1. It's a really lovely shop - planning to do some social media soon, so you'll get to see more!

  2. You are out of the house by 530? I thought 630am was early! That would be tiring in winter! You seem like a kind friend making cakes and helping out! I like sorting for charity what I don't use as I feel guilty for buying things when I can make them, or if made i feel guilty for not wearing !

    1. Yeah, it's the only way I can fit in a swim before work.

  3. Those bags!! And that sticker! Loving the cat themed stuff, looks like you had a good day :)

  4. Wow, you manage to fit so much in to one day! I love how many different things you get up to. (Though I don't know how you get up and out the door so early during the week!) I just bought a burgundy pinafore dress from Dotty P's that looks just like the dungarees above. I bet your handmade ones will look even better! Also the bunny slippers and flamingo plate are so cute. xx

    1. I think it's just about being in a routine - it was a real struggle to begin with. The bunny slippers were from Tesco.

  5. I dont know how you resisted those cat bags, so cute!

    1. If I hadn't have been late for an appointment, I'd have allowed myself to go in!

  6. I don't know how you didn't buy those cat bags. I love days when you can tick loads of things off your to-do list.

  7. I would die if I had to be out of the house by 5:30! Getting up at 6:15 is bad enough.

    Love your bunny slippers! And I need that sticker to give to my boyfriend. Hahaha.