Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Flamingo Pink..

Earrings: H+M // Bracelet: River Island

Dress: Collectif // Bag: Topshop
Shoes: Lindy Bop

So, reason eleventy billion why I love Collectif is the new Antoinette flamingo print dress. I had a charity ball to go to last weekend, and this seemed like it would be the perfect thing, paired with my Lindy Bop shoes.

The dress itself kind of surprised me with just how wonderful it was when it arrived, I mean, I make no secret of my love of Collectif, particularly recently, with my new Dolores and my sale picks, but frankly Antoinette is on a par with this beauty. The fabric itself has a lovely satin feel, rather than the cotton sateen I was expecting, and it's fully lined, with several layers of tulle to make the skirt pretty substantial on it's own. (I added a petticoat, but you really don't *need* to, at all!)

Since it was a special occasion, I went all out and wore some pink lipstick (I'm *so* not a make-up wearer, this is about as good as it ever gets for me!). I felt super self-conscious and had to reapply it about seven times, but it kind of made me feel more"fancy". 

Ever put on a dress you felt was just made for a party?


  1. Ha, are you deliberately pouting so we see your lipstick? The dress is utterly beautiful. I must admit that my heart skipped a beat when I first saw it on the Collectif website!x

    1. No, I hadn't really realised I was!! It's so lovely and there's a higher neck version as well.

  2. Looking fierce in that lippie, love it! I adore this dress, really want it, but way outta my price range. I suspect it's too much to ask that it stays until sale time.

    1. It might do - I was lucky enough to be treated to this one by my date, but I've snapped up some of their other recent party dresses in the sale recently.