Friday, 9 September 2016

Friday Favourites 212..

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OK, it's September and I know the weather is still pretty summertastic, but I could not wait a moment longer to round up some of my favourite coats. We all know I'm obsessed and that at my house a coat avalanche could take us out at any second, but that's besides the point.

001: So, this one has been setting the hearts of many a blogger on fire lately and who am I to pass it by? I love the cat detail on this trench from Miss Patina - so cute and would be purrrr-fect (sorry!) with my Aristocat blouse. 

002: Alright, so the Tara Starlet loveheart coat might not be a winter coat, exactly. It's more a Spring coat, as it's quite lightweight (I know this because I already own the red version), but it would be great until the weather got worse. Plus, y'know, it's cute.

003: I know I keep saying this lately, but Tu Clothing are knocking it out of the park, lately. I can't get over how cute this checked coat is, and just when you think it can't get any better....they add an awesome blue faux fur collar into the mix. Um, yes please! 

004: This polka dot Aida Zak coat from Collectif looks to be the perfect thing to layer up over your winter outfits. I do like it when a coat has a decent full skirt, as I have to layer it up over so much skirt, usually.

005: I know that this long-awaited Fever Kubrick coat has been a big hit already - it's selling out fast and with the combination of it's beautiful boucle and that lovely fur collar, I can totally see why.

Are you looking for a new winter coat? It's one of my favourite winter traditions. 

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  1. I love the Miss Patina one and would've been tempted to buy it when I first saw it but the price is ridiculous! So expensive. I'm not really looking for a new coat as I have a fair few that are still in good condition. X