Friday, 23 September 2016

Friday Favourites 214..

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I didn't really plan for this week's wishlist to have any theme, but by the time I'd bookmarked this amazing duck print coat and the puffin dress, I knew that one was kind of forming and I thought I'd just run with it. So here are my favourite bird-printed picks of the Interwebs at the moment...

001: I know I mentioned Palava's new collection last week, but there are more and more lovely styles which keep catching my eye and I love this long-sleeved border print dress. 

002: Printed cardigans are my favourite and this one features parrots!

003: New Look are winning the handbag game with this lovely embroidered clutch. 

004: Sugarhill Boutique never seem to fail to come out with some lovely jumpers to layer up and I really like this cute bluebird print. 

005: Puffins! If this dress weren't jersey, I'd have ordered it already...!

006: Another Yumi find - this bird print is really similar to my recent Gamiss bird dress, I think. 

007: Another Lindy Bop print - hummingbirds, this time and the Clarissa features a lovely neck tie detail which I think gives it such a retro look. 

008: Vendula are knocking it out of the park - as usual - with their new season range, and this lovely birdcage frame bag is just perfect. 

009: Cath Kidston seem to have re-released their classic bird print dress - yay! 

010: Farnkly my favourite item this week - this AMAZING duck print dress coat, from Palava, would be perfect to finish off any party outfit. Can I find space for another coat in my life....?


  1. All very. very cute! I love the items you found. I would totally wear that coat!x

    1. Isn't it fabulous? There's one in the navy bird print as well!

  2. I love it all! The new Lindy puffin dress is amazing; I'm crazy about that print, but jersey isn't my fave fabric, either, and I can't afford to snap it up just yet. xx

    1. I know they've got some new designs in the pipeline which are even more "me" so I'm going to hold on for those.

  3. Ahhh dress no.1 and bag no.8, both gorgeous. I'm loving the new season prints at Lindy Bop but absolutely hating the annoying cut outs or twists at the necklines. I don't know why I have such a hatred for these things, but they are ruining wonderful dresses for me!

    1. Yeah, I'm trying to shy away from the jersey as those just don't flatter my shape, but they've done them in some lovely prints. There are even more fun prints coming, so I'm getting impatient!