Sunday, 25 September 2016

Just another LA devotee..

Dress: Vintage // Bag: Gamiss*
Shoes: Poetic Licence // Necklace: H+M

So, every now and then I have a little wardrobe clearout and list some of the things I'm parting ways with on my Instagram sale page. Thankfully, this seems to be something which a lot of people seem to do these days - and I was thrilled when my friend Emma listed this lovely vintage dress on her account

Teamed with my new elephant bag, a red necklace which was a Christmas gift and a pair of wedges which I've not worn enough, I rather like it. 


  1. I bloody love that bag! An Instagram sale is a good idea... this dress is lovely.

    1. I love a good Instagram sale - I've been collecting bits for my next one. Must get around to actually listing them!

  2. What a gorgeous dress, I fully expected it to be Laura Ashley when I saw the first pic. You would be the perfect muse for them, you always wear these soft, retro dresses so well. Oh and I'm off to follow your bud on insta too ; )

    1. Aww, they had such a good run of 50s style dresses at one point but lately I've not seen a lot in LA to inspire me.