Sunday, 4 September 2016

Sunday Shoes 119: Irregular Choice Rada Tilly


So, fellow IC fans will know that last week saw the release of the second Alice in Wonderland collaboration. And, if I'm honest, I was a little underwhelmed. I mean, yes, there were some lovely boots (sparkly ones and striped ones) but I already have an Alice heel and would have maybe bought something had there been something else.

Anyway, it coincided with the last day of their online sale, so I snapped myself up this pair of Rada Tilly instead. I've seen this glitter heart print fabric used on a few styles recently and I'm a fan. I really wanted the pink version of these (as well) but there weren't any left in my size.


So, Rada Tilly have an embroidered mesh insert on the sides of the shoe, which is layered with the punched scalloped edging of the heart fabric and somehow it all comes together perfectly. The greeny blue hues have me thinking of the sea, a feeling which is heightened with the colour of the heel and the holographic tasseled heart on the front. 

Sizewise, they're a standard courtesan, similar to Hello Ha, Trinkletina and probably closest to Hearts on the Line. They're lovely and I'll be sure to get a lot more wear from these than an Alice pair, I should think. 



  1. I like how unusual these are and I wasn't impressed with the second lot of Alice shoes at all, definitely a better choice x