Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Tuesday Titles 104..

A couple of books I've read recently and fancied sharing, this week, as I feel I'll struggle to keep up otherwise. 

Jack-In-The-Box - William W. Johnstone
Jack-in-the-Box was fabulously gruesome, telling of possessed twelve-year-old, Nora and her suburban family. Her parents disagree on how her behaviour should be dealt with and it's beginning to cause a family rift. To try and smooth things over, Phil buys a present for his daughter from a curios shop - a jack-in-the-box. For some reason, although he can't figure out why, he seems to be drawn to the hideous item.

It's power is soon released and things take a turn for the worse in he Baxter household as Nora's power grows and she sets out to kill everyone she comes into contact with. Some of the acts are truly gory (one in particular makes for uncomfortable reading) and the descriptions are fabulously grotesque.  

With a team of hopefuls growing, planning to overcome the devil inside Nora Baxter, I must admit I did begin to get a little confused between the detectives as there seemed to be a lot of them, but the ending is a crescendo of good versus evil and a fight to the death. I'll leave you to find out whose, with a strong recommendation to give this a go if horror is your cup of tea.

Watching Edie - Camilla Way
In contrast to the explicit evil, the second book I want to mention is still full of evil, but it's much more subtle. Bubbling under the surface like a dangerous pool of water hiding something sinister in it's depths, Watching Edie is split into chapters labelled "Before" (narrated by Heather) and "After" (which are told by Edie). 

The write alludes to a life-changing event and although there are hints about what this might be for the eagle-eyed, it's not revealed until close to the end of the book. Edie and Heather have been friends since they were in school, and we see snippets of their childhood lives and the things which brought them together as kids, such as childhood crushes and hard times with their parents. 

As kids, Heather would have done anything for Edie and now, years later, she is there when Edie needs her most. Arriving almost instinctively when Edie's baby is born and Edie sinks into a post-natal depression, Heather is there to take control. Perhaps more than she should...

Creepy and haunting in completely different ways, I'd definitely recommend both of these. 

Have you read anything great lately?


  1. I think I'd better give these a miss as I do become traumatised by horror books and films even though they both sound really compelling and exciting to read!x

    1. I've read some much more "Kezzie" books this week, so will be featuring those soon :)

  2. Jack in the Box sounds great, I dont think I would read it the week my Hubby works night thought. It sounds really scarey.

    1. It is scary, definitely not one to read alone :)