Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Tuesday Titles 105..

Love Hunt - Fiona Walker

Having read a lot of psychological thrillers and the like, lately, I was feeling in the mood for something a little more upbeat. Frothy, if you will. So, in an attempt to read my way (one day!) through the pile of unread books by my bookshelf, I plumped for this and got stuck in. 

I've read some Fiona Walker books, and assume they must have been from the same series as some of the characters were familiar to me, which was comforting because as with all of her books, there are a LOT of characters to keep track of. 

As you'd expect, a couple of the minor storylines are a little far-fetched (read: Pheely's slimming regime), but the central one focuses on Trudy, who is a hasbeen celebrity. Spending her early life as a pop star means that she's always looking back at the love affair which got away. 

When she and husband Finn fall on hard times, Trudy has to decide whether she can bring herself to tap into her innermost emotions and write her autobiography from that time. To keep her distracted along the way, a secret admirer begins leading her on a treasure hunt to his heart.

Yes, it gets a little out-there, but I think Walker's writing style, full to the brim with puns and fabulous word play, brings it back from the brink of potential mishap and results in a fast-paced and thoroughly enjoyable romp through the lives of the village residents.

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