Monday, 17 October 2016

Are you a #JoanieGal?


I love to discover a new website, and the blogging community seem to be on the ball when it comes to sending over a heads up on things one might like, so when Donna told me to keep an eye out for the launch of Joanie Clothing, I knew it there were good things to come..

A week ago, Joanie Clothing launched and I couldn't wait to place an order. Having seen teaser photos online of this amazing green floral dress, I knew it wouldn't be long until it fell into my basket and dropped through my letterbox.

This is the Harper Floral Wrap Dress and it's even nicer in the flesh than I'd imagined. The fabric (I'm always a little wary of polyester) is amazing. Lovely and thick, resulting in a lovely structured skirt and a fabulous print. I can't wait until I have an occasion to wear it.

I also ordered these cute sheer rose ankle socks, which I'm planning to wear with some velvet sandals, maybe. 

Feeling rather under the weather today, hence the lack of outfit photos, but hopefully I'll power through it and be back to normal soon.


Have you discovered Joanie yet? If not, hop over there and take a look. 


  1. I saw Donna's dress which I like but trying to avoid Polyester and try to just buy cotton as much as I can!!!

  2. The Gigi Scalloped Stripe dress looks rather nice - and I think I spy pockets! The Audrina Lace dress is lovely and a great price for an occasion dress.
    Hope you're feeling better today x

  3. This brand is SO you. Gorgeous choice. I want the starry dress & the beautiful red lace number!

    T x

  4. Beautiful. I could get so lost on that website (pleased to see their size range is reasonable), everything looks awesome.