Thursday, 13 October 2016

Send in the clowns..

Shoes: Lindy Bop
Jacket: H+M
So. I'd completely forgotten about this jumper until I was hearing all of the clown-related chatter yesterday. I don't understand any of that, but I dug out this sweater as I fancied wearing it. He's such a sad looking Pierrot and I rediscovered this skirt as well. Everything is ancient and from H+M in this post, apart from the shoes and the tights, which I unpacked the other day and laddered immediately. Not having a lot of hosiery luck of late.

This jacket is currently having a bit of a moment; I bought this so many years ago on a little mini-break in London, where I basically did nothing but shop all day whilst my ex was at work. I don't think I've worn this jacket in so long, but finding it last week was grand - I don't seem to have taken it off since!

Um, well we're past midweek and I have very little else to add, really. I have a headache which just won't budge and am drowning in things I need to do, but there you have it. Roll on the weekend and a chance to hibernate. 

Jumper: H+M // Skirt: H+M
J IMG_2557


  1. Oh I love Pierrot Clowns, the makeup and designs of their costumes has always fascinated me. I love the skirt paired with the jumper too, it's lovely, and you look great! - Tasha

  2. super outfit!
    I don't get this weird clowns thing either, people really are odd.
    I love it when you rediscover an old favourite in your wardrobe, it's like getting something new only without the cost :)