Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Tuesday Titles 109..

A Boy Made of Blocks - Keith Stuart

I feel as though there's been a bit of a trend over recent years, to write books with a focus on a character who has autism or Asperger's. This is purely an observation, and has been done so well in books such as The Curious Incident and The Rosie Project, that I'm always a little intrigued to see how others will portray a character with autism. 

Here, the character in question is Sam; an eight year old who likes to see his days go to the plan which his parents write out for him every morning. 

Sam's dad, Alex is finding the stress of working hard to provide for his family is getting to him. He and wife Jody don't really talk about anything other than Sam anymore and it's taking it's toll. Alex doesn't know what to do when his world begins to crumble from under him. 

Filled with his mother's advice: You need to look to the future, rather than living in the past", Alex eventually finds a way to move on from something in his past which has been holding him back. 

I loved this book and I think it's mostly down to the fact that it's told entirely from Alex's POV, so rather than being preachy about autism, the focus is on the way a regular parent deals with this. Sometimes I might not have agreed with Alex's actions, but I enjoyed being part of his journey to find his feet, and so much of the book just felt so...real. 

Honestly, I don't want to ruin this, so I can't share too much about the plot. All I can really do is implore you to read it and if you do, share it with the #MadeOfBlocks tag.


  1. I do have a lot of books in my to-read pile, but I can't ignore such a review...

    1. Definitely give it a read if you get the chance!

  2. OOoh, that sounds really good!!!!!!!!!!!