Monday, 3 October 2016

Well, we're all in the mood for a melody..


 Exciting post alert! I only mentioned on Friday's wishlist just how much I was lusting after this fabulous piano bra grab bag from Vendula. Purveyors of unique and funky bags, Vendula London have come up with - in my opinion - their cutest shop front design yet. How exciting, therefore, when the post arrived with a parcel containing just that!


Packaged to perfection as ever, I couldn't wait to get into the dustbag and see the amazing detail in the flesh, although it looks impressive enough on the new Vendula site, doncha think?!

Piano Bar Grab Bag: Vendula London*
So, here it is, in the flesh - this is the pink version of the Piano Bar Grab Bag. There's also a black version, which had thicker glitter on the front, but I think the pink is just perfect! The glitter covering is just so sparkly and I took a photo below with the flash on to show how it catches the light. The grab bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap in case you don't want to use the centre-top grab handle all of the time and the strap is adjustable; I was able to make it the perfect length to use it across my body, like a satchel, for running some errands in town.


As ever with Vendula, the bag is just full of amazing attention to detail. The piano bar setting is just lovely and I was so drawn to it, not just because of the glitter (although that helped) but because it reminded me of the duelling piano bar I spent a hilarious night in when I was in Las Vegas. The two pianists would take requests from the crowds and would try to outplay one another from each side of the room, but harmoniously. Kind of like a Glee mashup style piano-duel. It sounds odd but was ever so amusing. 


Anyhow, the bag itself is beautiful. The shop front details are all stitched on in leather, with metal front pillars at the door. The canopy roof opens on the metal frame of the bag, which is lined in the typical Vendula London-print lining fabric. The bag is plenty big enough to carry all of the essentials - it even fitted my charity paying-in-book on Saturday, as well as the usual culprits like my purse, phone, lipbalm and house keys. Then again, it's also small enough that you can quite happily use it as an evening bag for the theatre - I took it to the opera last night and lots of people complimented me on it. 

Frankly I love it, and as ever, would recommend Vendula London to anyone and everyone looking for something a little different. 


  1. That is truly gorgeous. I'd use the shorter handle myself, perfect shape and style, love it.