Saturday, 12 November 2016

Squirrels read books..

Martha Book Dress & Squirrel Cardigan: Joanie Clothing
I'm not sure why it's taken me such a while to share these amazing new Joanie clothing picks - I snapped them up just as soon as they landed on the website and I'm about to do the same again! Have you seeeeeeeen the new Christmas range? 

Frankly, Joanie Clothing are fast becoming one of my favourite sites - the "new kids on the block", they've been gradually adding more and more pretties to their site and I check it on a regular basis. Although it's been a little frustrating to see some of the prices creeping up over the past week or so, it has to be said that they're still super affordable and the quality - as I mentioned with my Harper dress - is amazing.

Jacket: Violet Rose Vintage
I loved the book print on the Martha dress as soon as I saw it - book prints have been popping up everywhere of late (see my recent wishlist post for examples) but this is by far my favourite mix of colours and print. The dress is elasticated at the waist, but somehow still hangs nicely (I sometimes have issues with elasticated waists) and there's a side zip so that the buttons on the bodice can be just for show. 

The squirrel cardigan was the other thing which stole my heart. It's a tan colour, which I can't say is something I have a lot of in my wardrobe, but it works well as a neutral and I love the squirrel detail and the stripes around the neck and the cuffs. This is quite a generous fit - I should have sized down, probably, as the sleeves are quite long on my arms. It's great, though. 

Boots: Irregular Choice // Bag: ASOS

Some old boots and a new (to me) jacket. I was supposed to be returning something to the vintage shop (I wasn't able to) but ended up coming away with this as well. Oops. I couldn't resist it, though. I love the detail which goes into vintage tailoring. Extra hooks and hidden buttons to keep the jacket fitted nice and tightly; I think it will be perfect for evening trips to the theatre when the weather drops a little more. Apparently we're due some -14C temperatures, and I sort of can't wait. 


  1. Hi!!! I do think this is an adorable combination of two of my favourite things. Squirrels and books. The coat is lovely.I'm dead chuffed as I picked up a gorgeous short sheepskin jacket in the charity shop this morning. I've wanted a genuine sheepskin jacket for at least 15years. They also had 3 pairs of Irregular Choice low heel shoes in a size 7. Alas, none of them fitted me and another girl snapped them up!x

    1. Ooh, well done on the sheepskin jacket!

  2. Despite already owning the Cath Kidston book skirt, I had to treat myself to this one last week, too. It's such a cute print, and really nice quality for the price.

    1. I've been seriously impressed with how nice their clothes have been thus far. Excited to see what they come out with next.

  3. Love this, unfortunately didn't suit me but it looks fab on you and the cardigan is so cute.