Monday, 14 November 2016

Things I learnt this weekend..


On Friday, I ran some errands and had a little last-minute panic, double checked about four different lists, loaded approximately one trillion bags into the car, and then finally pootled over the hills to the Peak District to spend a weekend with my fellow unicorns. 

After some hold ups with a work thing and some rubbish news from my most recent blood results, I was definitely in need of a weekend away from everything. With no phone signal or internet. I packed my knitting needles and a new project (more on that soon!), my running trainers and my walking boots. And very little else. 

Some things I learned this weekend: 

  • Blanket stitch - I can't understand how it's taken me this long to pick this one up, but my camp blanket thanks me.
  • I'm rotten at running up hills. 
  • I can't read maps. 
  • Curry powder has gluten in it. 
  • Walks of any distance can be enhanced by playing "peloton".
  • Double point needles are less scary than I thought. 
  • Parkrun marshals are always friendly and encouraging.
  • Frankly, a weekend full of laughter, crafting and cake can make you feel a lot better about most things.



  1. You're great at downhill (it's a skill, you know)...and our walk-run to parkrun was *exhausting* in and of itself, even before we started that hilly parkrun! (been looking at the trace on Strava. It's damn good).'s only the cheap curry powder that has gluten.

  2. I like this! I.didn't know that about curry powder!!!

  3. Friends are the best remedy for most things I find. Sounds like a pretty perfect weekend.

  4. This sounds like a fun weekend! I remember learning blanket stitch at school, but I couldn't tell you how to do it now so I'd better get reminding myself sometime :D And what's the peloton game that enhances walks?!