Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Tuesday Titles 111..

What Alice Knew
What Alice Knew : T. A. Cotterell

I'm not sure what category this book falls into. Yes, it's a thriller, but what kind? Psychological? Crime? I'm not sure where to file it, but since I read the final lines, it's well and truly stuck with me. In a "WOW, what have I just read?!" kind of a way, which is I think, the mark of a wonderful piece of writing. 

Alice is an artist - a successful portraitist, has an equally successful doctor husband and two children. Some might say, the perfect family. Things certainly seem perfect, until one night where Ed goes missing and everything changes.

From that moment, nothing can ever be the same. Alice is left dealing with the fall-out of that fateful night, and spends a lot of the book questioning everything she knew. About her husband, her marriage, herself.

I spent the majority of this book in a desperately helpless state of needing to know what happened next, but being unable to guess. This seems to be something which doesn't happen very often, of late, and this makes it all the more exciting when you come across a book which leaves a little of the story to the reader's interpretation. 

I'm sad that so many of you will have to wait so long for this one to be published, because I want you to read it right away! It'll be out in April in paperback from Transworld Books.


  1. It's going on my to-read list anyway. I find so many books are predictable, easy to guess what's coming. At least by April I might have got through a good proportion of my to-read pile.