Saturday, 5 November 2016

When the record slips and you're not holding the needle..

Paris Brooch: Lazy Oaf // Poppy Brooch: RBL
I think that whenever I'm feeling uninspired, I come back to the trusty red, white and blue outfit combination. I'm not sure why this is, but I was feeling overtired and unenthused the other morning and in my bleary-eyed state I grabbed these shoes from the shelves as I know I can wear them with just about anything. 

I ended up with a bit of a European theme, I guess - with the Venice print on the dress, but the Eiffel tower brooch and bag. I loved this bag when I first spotted it in the Topshop store in the Arndale centre - this would have been years ago, when novelty cute handbags were very much not the thing they are today. It reminded me of the Timmy Woods bag, which Carrie has in the house-hunting scene in the first SATC movie, which had only recently been released, and I'd been rather obsessed with it, so of course couldn't pass the bag up. 

Over the years, I didn't use it very often because, well, it's wildly impractical in it's size. But hey, it's cute so I decided to use it as my first pick for my novelty bag challenge this month.

Dress: Lindy Bop // Bag: Topshop 
Bowtiful heels: Irregular Choice // Cardigan: H+M


  1. Love it. Classic colour combo. I will one day own a Timmy Woods bag! Have searched for years for either the Eiffel Tower or the horse head which I love even more. They are really hard to find here now though and so expensive.

  2. I love the whole outfit- everything looks so beautiful together! You look amazing!

    I remember when the bag was released but I never managed to get my hands on one. I remember settling for a black quilted heart-shaped bag with a chain strap from Topshop instead around the same time. (Which I still have). It's cute, but not as cool as the Eiffel tower. xx