Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Get your skates on..

Into the Willd bag: Yoshi*
If I were the type of person who was organised enough to have sections of my wardrobes, the Lindy Bop section would have grown exponentially, of late. I know I've said this a few times but I really do think that this dress could be my favourite Lindy Bop one, of all time. I saw a preview of this Vivi dress in the Central Park ice skating border print on their Instagram page months ago now, and have been stalking the new arrivals section of the website ever since. I snapped it up last week as soon as it landed, and couldn't wait to wear it.

Over Knee Boots: Matalan
My boots of choice this week have been a little less "exciting" than usual, I guess. But I really like these. I've been on the lookout for some over-knee boots with a heel for a while now. but I often struggle with the fit over my calves, so I was pleased when I spied that Matalan had a wide fit version. They make a nice winter-friendly wardrobe staple, I think. They're also super comfortable. I've worn them every day for the past three days, which is unusual for me, but they're like gloves for my feet!

Vivi Dress: Lindy Bop
I absolutely love everything about this dress; the print, it's layout and the shape of it. I often shy away from cross-over bodices, but I think that the turn-down collar makes the shape of the V neckline even nicer, as well as much more modest. The turn-up sleeves are lovely, as well, and I definitely prefer this sleeve-length to a longer cuff.

As for the print: the snowy-topped trees and the instantly-recognisable NYC skyline gives way to a wonderfully wintry ice skating scene, with horse-drawn sleighs right around the bottom hem. 

I've gushed over the dress a lot, but the other thing which is giving me a little warm and fuzzy feeling is my Yoshi woodland bag - I'm using it constantly at the moment and it's just perfect.


  1. Oh my goodness, this dress is amazing!! I saw it on the site but resisted as I'm staying away from buying too many "not-simple" things at the moment (if that makes sense!) but it just looks so gorgeous on you that I might have to buy it anyway, eek!
    Sian xx

  2. That bag is beautiful, almost on par with that dress! x

    1. I love them - everything about this outfit gave me a warm fuzzy feeling!

  3. I loved the print but thought it looked a bit old lady shape on the website but it looks Amazing on you so am rethinking my thoughts as it were, looks so flattering and cosy too!!! I've not bought any new Lindy boo but the turquoise snowy landscapes is tempting me!x

    1. I was a little fearful of the shape as well. But when it arrived I was pleased I'd taken the plunge!

  4. I've completely fallen in love with that dress, too; it's so beautiful, and that print is to die for. And now I wish I was back in NYC! And had this dress to wear there! xx