Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Here's to the fools who dream..

Dress: Joanie Clothing
Just in case I hadn't mentioned them enough lately, I bought two dresses in the post-Xmas Joanie Clothing sale and this is one of them. I love the cosy fabric, which has a bit of a wool mix feel to it, and anything with a cute collar is a winner for me. It's a kind of muted tartan print, and I decided to pick out the green in the check with this pair of studded boots, which I haven't worn in I don't know how long. 

Dinosaur Bag: ASOS 
I feel as though it's been a shit of a week, so far. But hey, we're halfway through and tonight I'm off to see some of my favourite people. I also saw La La Land last night and ohmygosh it was amazing. Just glorious. (We'll ignore the part of last night's story where I drove home through so many tears that I had to wait for them to stop before I could see well enough to reverse to park the car, but still). 

Shoes: Truffle
Another cute addition to the bag cupboard - this amazing little dino. I am currently (of course!) lusting over the Kate Spade dinosaurs, but I'll have to sell a lot more of my outsorted clothes (sale page here) before I'd be able to justify ordering one. This little guy is super cute, and makes a good alternative. Bravo, ASOS.

Cardigan: H+M
Other things of note....I've worn this necklace so much lately that I ended up with a bruised neck. So have retired it for a little while. It's a serious favourite at present, though. 

Choker: Kate Spade


  1. You look so nice in the Joanie dress. I really adore how it looks and I was tempted but I always have an idea about clothes which I think will not make me comfortable (tight sleeves, materials) but it looks a dream.
    Lala land is superb. I adored it although how dare they not end up together. I've been playing Mia and Seb's waltz too-so pretty!
    I'm hoping those tears are because of the ending of the film not for other reasons. If they are, sending you a hug!x

    1. A bit of a combination of things; I think the movie just kind of unlocked all of my emotions.

  2. Cracking boots and super-cute bag!

  3. I have this dress too! It's so snuggly, I love their new dresses Wednesday and Dennis, plus the heart bag of course! It looks great with these shoes and I really like the cardigan too.