Monday, 23 January 2017

I'll always remember the flame..

Dress: Lindy Bop 
Monday, again, already! I can barely believe how quickly that's rolled around again. I feel as though I can't keep up with things lately - super overwhelmed, and yet making gradual progress with some of the bigger things, I guess. This weekend was spent freezing half to death at Parkrun, then freezing half to death in a tent, then thawing out at a friend's house for lunch and then with my favourites for the evening. I'm trying to ignore a couple of frustrating discoveries that I was sad to make. Ignore, block, ignore again.

Bag: Vendula London
These shoes have been sitting on one of the shelves for a while now and it was only when I saw someone's Instagram photo that I remembered that I had some of them, and hadn't yet worn them. I liked the mix of colours in the big perspex bow on the front, and decided it would match nicely with this floral print, my trusty piano bar bag and a mustard cardigan which I picked up in a blog sale. I've rationalised all of my knitwear recently, getting rid of a huge pile of things I no longer wear, or anything which looks tatty, and it felt pretty good to get rid of things I no longer need.

Shoes: Irregular Choice
Here's hoping the week ahead is a little more positive now that I can finally leave one of my worst and most controlling demons in the past. 


  1. I do think those shoes are very jolly!!! Sorry to hear about unwelcome discoveries, hope that they will not upset you more.

    1. I think that now that I know the truth about a couple of things, that I can process and move along. Which can only be a good thing.

  2. Love this bag so much, so pretty. I hope this week goes better for you. I had a great start to last week, then the latter half didn't go so well. I'd had a doctor's appointment which meant I was sore and tired (first time I'd been out of the house since Christmas Eve) then I took another funny turn on Saturday night. Was super scary and the 4th time in a few months, so there's something going on, but I'm not sure what. Have a phone appointment on Wednesday, but I'm thinking I'll need a scan or something. I'm trying to throw myself back into blogging and not worry about it, now that I feel a little better.

    1. Thank you. I've had a couple of rotten weeks, but hopefully things are looking up.

  3. I love this outfit. The shoes are stunning, the perspex heel is my favourite. I hope 2017 is a fantastic year for you and full of happiness x

  4. Sounds like you're putting the bad behind you - it's a positive start to the year.
    I like a bit of gingham, these shoes are very summery - the perfect antidote to the gloom of January x