Sunday, 15 January 2017

Sunday Shoes 129..


New shoes: probably the best way to cheer up a bit of a rotten week. I was browsing the post-Xmas sales and realised that these pretty shoe boots had been reduced and that I could suddenly afford to cover them with a gift voucher I'd been given. That kind of means free shoes, which surely makes them even better?! 


Anyhow, I was excited to unbox these just as soon as they arrived. The style is called Sassle and they're by Irregular Choice (naturally). More of a shoe boot than their usual heel shape, they feature scallops, cutout floral leather and the trademark oilslick finish which seems to be popping up in so many IC styles lately. They're finished off with a nice big bow on the front and are bascially perfect, in my opinion. 

Sassle Bootie - Irregular Choice 
I think these would look amazing with a pair of brightly coloured tights so that you could see them through the cut out sections. I think that's my plan whilst the weather is how it's been lately, anyhow. 



  1. They are super pretty. I ALMOST bought the Clara Bow poetic licence ones in the sale as they were in my size for £59 but in the end decided not to as I felt like I shouldn't but I really do like them!

  2. Free shoes are the best kind!

  3. Lovely. Hadn't realised they had the oil-slick stuff on them too, loving that IC keep using it, it's so pretty.