Thursday, 2 February 2017

Life finds a way..


It's been kind of quiet around here for a little while. I guess I've been keeping something of a low profile whilst I focus on making things a little better. Step by step, I think I'm making progress. I have been turning my focus to the little things which make me happy and I've been grabbing onto the opportunities to try new things. 

I'm slowly but surely learning that actually, it's OK not to be busy every second of the day. Relaxing can be important and recently my weekend mornings have started off like this when I've been home. Coffee in my new favourite mug, a crafty project and my favourite cosy corner, made all the nicer by a handmade crochet blanket which one of my favourite Internet-come-real friends made for me for Christmas. 

I've been making slow progress with my current knitting project, which is a Hetty cardigan. I'm not in any real rush, though and I've been enjoying the making of it when I've had time to add to it. These are the best kinds of projects, I think - no point putting more unnecessary pressure on yourself for something which is supposed to be fun.

Triceratops Mug: NHM Shop*

This mug is kind of awesome. First of all, it's crazy huge which means you can fit more than half a cafetiere of coffee in it - a big plus for someone like me, who mainlines caffeine! It's also dishwasher safe, super cute, and shaped like a dinosaur, which is always a plus. I seem to have amassed such a collection of dinosaurs. Weird, no? I love that the NHM Gift Shop has a whole section on dinosaur related gifts on their site - just perfect for any dinosaur fan.  

Anyone else finding that concentrating on the little things make everything else seem better, lately? 


  1. Always! Always make things good!!x

  2. Relaxing is always important. We need time to be quiet - it's good for the soul. I'm finding myself in my favourite chair, with a book and a cuppa more often these days, sometimes the reading turns into day dreaming, or the mulling over of life lately. It's immensely satisfying. When you're busy there is no time to reflect.

  3. Yes, it absolutely makes my sanity just balance out. Breathe. Loely new mug. It really is all about the little things xx