Monday, 20 March 2017

Here's to the ones who dream..

Soooo, I feel as though I've been rather neglecting my little corner of the internet of late. I don't think this is an apology exactly (I'm sure that nobody's really noticed) and I'm putting it down to being so crazy busy of late that I just don't have the time to get all of the things I'd like to written about etc etc. Ad infinitum. 

So here's a little round-up of the past weekend, which seems to have skipped by in a total flash. 


I spent Friday night at my best friend's house - I love the fact that I'm treated like part of the family and that they're full of good advice and happy to share that whenever I need it. We spent the evening having a lovely dinner, walking this little bundle of excitement across the nearby fields and in the local pub, putting the world to rights and I felt a billion times better for it. 

I've started a new project - cross stitch is a new one on me, but having seen something *amazing* which I really want to make as a present for someone, I decided I'd start off with something smaller, to ensure that I got the hang of it and could actually cope with a bigger, scarier project. It's taking shape...


Saturday was filled with errands, charity shop drop-offs and frantic tidying, before the arrival of Becks, who was staying over in order to take part in the 10K on Sunday (more about that later). For some reason, in my infinite wisdom I'd signed up to do a Night Run on the Saturday evening, which she dutifully accompanied me to. As I've mentioned so many times before, I'm not a runner, but aside from a bit of marshalling-confusion, it was okay. I wasn't very happy with my time, but hey ho. 

Photo by Shippers
So, Sunday morning was an early start as we headed into town to the start of the race. I met up with a friend and we spent the morning cycling about the town to see our running pals and shout helpful words of encouragement to them as often as possible. Becks is running for a really good cause and she made it look easy - please follow her link here to find out more about why this was just one tenth of the races that she's challenged herself to this year. (Please donate if you can!)


Sunday afternoons seem to be all about the climbing lately, so I met the gang at the new climbing centre and we spent a good few hours bouldering on the new routes which were laid this week, heading home only when our arms felt as though they might fall off. 
All in all, a lovely weekend, but oh how I wish it was a little longer. There's so much more I'd like to have fitted in...

What did your weekend look like?


  1. Glad you had a great weekend. You are very active. My weekend began with visiting the Dr for a very diagnosis I am not convinced about and wish I'd just told the Dr what I was worried about as she didn't seem to examine the actual part that has been hurting for 3weeks. Then to my Mum's new house which was lovely. Then a bit if shopping for CBC then swingdancing in the evening. Sunday was largely uneventful except visiting a different church.x

  2. Wow, very active weekend, couldn't be more different to mine which featured red wine, iPlayer catch-ups, volunteering at the library, a touch of spring cleaning and a Sunday roast in the pub watching the football. Although it's nice to slow down and do something productive (spring cleaning really is that to me - something I do, properly and thoroughly, about once a year), I've got a more eventful weekend coming up which I'm looking forward to.

  3. I definitely noticed as I love reading your posts, I just assumed you were taking a well earned break. x

  4. This sounds like a lovely weekend, filled with lots of friends, which is just the way I like them! I'm with you on needing an extra "admin" weekend day though.

    Rachel x
    The Inelegant Wench