Thursday, 30 March 2017

Mad as the March hare..

I can barely believe it's the end of March already, but it's been a rather lovely month. I guess I've managed to fit a lot in, with weekends away for guides events, my first night run and lots of climbing. I've probably spent far too much money on shoes (what's new?), been on adventures with my favourite new adventure buddy, and booked a couple of little trips to look forward to in future months.

My podcast repertoire has been added to - these are some of my current favourites to listen to when I'm home alone.

Pod March  Collage
  • Bronzeville is superb, starring Laurence Fishburne, who I'll always think of as Morpheus from CSI and set in the namesake district in Chicago in the 1940s; it's filled the void left by We're Alive, and shares some of the same production crew
  • The High Low - I'd never got into the PanDolly podcast, but had heard good things and this is the new podcast project from journalists Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton. I'm enjoying their weekly take on feminist issues and current affairs.
  • Mysterious Mysteries - absolutely hilarious and kind of reminiscent of My Dad Wrote A Porno, (which is also hilarious). I listened to the first series in just a couple of days and am eager to hear more...
  • S-Town  - I'm told this is from the producers of Serial, which is another podcast sensation which had passed me by at the time. Although I'm only one episode into S-Town, I know it's going to be good!

March FilmsCollage

I've caught a couple of movies at the cinema this month, too. 
  • Hidden Figures  was just lovely, telling the amazing tale of the ladies behind the NASA US Space program of the 60s. Obviously, my favourite era when it comes to fashion, added to a soundtrack by Pharrell Williams - I was hooked!
  • Hacksaw Ridge  was another one of those films I had to see the trailer for a few times before I was convinced to book tickets. I'm pleased that my local cinema seems to have that effect one me, as I try things which I wouldn't usually pick otherwise. I'd heard mixed things about this one and was a little skeptical, but hoped that my soft spot for Andrew Garfield would help. It kinda did. I don't know whether enjoyed is quite the word for a film which is mostly horrificly gory war scenes, but I loved the training camp parts. 

Music MarchCollage
How To Be A Human Being //  Wired  // ÷ (Deluxe)

I always forget to mention music, but I've added quite a lot to my aging iPod this month and these are some of my favourites. Having been a little disappointed at first with the new Ed Sheeran album, I'd hoped it would grow on me and I think it has been. This Glass Animals album seems to be my go-to background music lately, and I'm loving Mallory Knox's Better off Without You just at the moment as it's kind of appropriate. 

What's been new in March?

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  1. I've FINALLY got into My Dad Wrote a Porno and I love it - will be trying Mysterious Mysteries once I've worked my way through. I've also been to see Danny Baker and Miles Jupp, had a few nice meals out and caught up with my sisters (not always easy, as one has two-year-old twins). I'm still waiting for Mr P to book a trip to Newquay but he keeps buying drum bits off of ebay instead so I might have to give him a nudge. As for clothes, I found the shoes of my dreams (hot pink, barely-there's with a bow on the back) and Mr P bought me a gorgeous pair of red patent, pointy-toed stilettos for my birthday.