Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Long live the pioneers, rebels and mutineers..

Isabelle Dress: Zoe Vine
This dress was waiting for me when I got back from my travels last week and I'm completely smitten. Having spied it on the utterly adorable Kayla, and recognising the Isabelle dress from one of my recent favourites post (I featured the green polka dot version here), I decided that the time had come to place my order....only to receive a refund shortly afterwards, as they'd just sold the last one. 

Dejected, I had a little look around but couldn't find it online anywhere else, so had almost given up hope when someone got in touch via Instagram to tell me they'd seen one on sale in The Whiting Post shop, so perhaps I should give them a call. I did, and they were suuuuper lovely - I was able to buy it over the phone and it was sent out to me that very day! A big thank you to them. 

Shoes: M+S Limited Collection
These shoes, too, are new to me. I was definitely only popping into one of the local charity shops to drop off a bag of donations, but they happened to catch my eye as I turned to leave, and happened to be in my size. What's more, they were brand new M+S Limited Collection and were just £4,99. I couldn't reeeeally leave without them, could I?! 

Bag: Ollie and Nic
I've not used this bag for a while now. I'd thought I should really pick something a little more nautique, but this one always makes me think of cheerful spring days. Finishing things off with a really neutral cardigan, and some bright red lipstick (argh - there's something *so* self-conscious about lipstick), I was ready to face the day.

Cardigan: Primark 
I'm definitely overcoming some demons this week, but I'm being thankful that I have some lovely people to help me out with this - special shout outs to those who'll put up with late night "talk some sense into me" phone calls, and those who've arranged lovely plans to look forward to. Think positive thoughts, and positive things will happen, a wise man told me today. We'll see. 


  1. Sorry to hear you are fighting demons but glad there is a support network in place! The dress is delightful! I love everything spit it!! Bargainous shoes too!! X

  2. You look fantastic. This whole outfit is lovely and I am a huge fan of lipstick (late in life convert!). I hope you have a wonderful weekend x

  3. I'm a believer in the power of positive thinking.
    Fab dress, worth the effort in searching for it. And the shoes, you absolutely could've leave those behind. The bag is very cheerful, I've always admired it.
    Hope your week is going well x

  4. Such a beautiful dress, glad you managed to track it down!
    Hope you are doing ok! x