Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Climb every mountain, ford every stream..


Frankly, it felt as though we really did climb every mountain we saw in Switzerland. It's been a good few weeks since my Switzerland trip, but life happens and I'm only just getting around to sharing some photos. The world doesn't end if things take a little longer than expected, I've found. 


We stayed in a chalet at the top of a mountain just above the teeny town of Adelboden, for four days over the Easter weekend, and the weather was fairly decent and spring-like. Getting the train across the country from Zurich to our destination was rather nice as there was a visible change in the scenery as we headed further into the mountains. I was childishly excited that there was still snow on the tops of many of them. 


The chalet was, like many of the others in the surrounding area, entirely wooden and our room was pretty cute. Naturally, I packed light - I managed to take just enough shoes for the four day stay. But forgot *any* t-shirts. Because I am a packing halfwit. 


Many more photos to follow..

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  1. Ooh, looking forward to hearing more about this - I fancy seeing Switzerland myself so I'm very interested to hear your take on it. And no T-shirts but 6 pairs of shoes? That's just hilarious!