Friday, 5 May 2017

Friday Favourites 243..

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Honestly, I'm -trying- to do less, to free up some time, but still the weeks are flying by and I'm doing that annoying thing where I push a lot of the stuff from one day's to-do list to the following day. And again. One day perhaps I'll realise that it's impossible to do everything.

001: I've been waiting somewhat impatiently for this lovely mustard cardigan to be released. I love the colour - good old Joanie are really coming out with some summer staples lately!

002: Sugar and Vice released their new collection this week and I for one am super excited about it. I'm really loving the taxidermy vibes, my favourite pieces being these butterfly necklaces - I'm just torn over which colour to go for. 

003: The recent sunshine has had me checking out the new arrivals on the Spartoo site, as I'm desperately in need of some new flat, but cute sandals before I go on holiday. These cactus ones from Miss L'Fire would be a decent pick, I think... 

004: Oh, Collectif have always been one of my favourite places for cute and retro prints, and this season seems to be no exception. The Maddison dress is already a lovely style, with the cute Peter Pan collar detail, but it's even better in this retro car print. 

What have you been shopping for this week?

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