Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Put it in the pantry with your cupcakes..

Clutch Bag: Kate Spade
I'm still kind of feeling warm and fuzzy after a really lovely evening out yesterday. Yummy food at Porterhouse, before heading to the theatre to watch The Simon and Garfunkel Story. A pre-birthday treat from my best friend and it definitely didn't disappoint. 
Obviously. being the hilarious beings that we most definitely are, we amused ourselves people-watching (one of my favourite past-times, frankly..) and we most certainly lowered the average age of the audience by a good few decades. And then, the first few chords of the music began, and I was drawn into a heady wave of nostalgia. Funny how certain things can take you right back to certain times in your life, isn't it?! Simon and Garfunkel, although a duo which I know my dad listened to a little when I was a kid (I have vague memories of a greatest hits cassette tape forming the background noise of the late-night drives back from our family holidays to Scarborough) mostly take me back to my sixth form days. 

Coat: Marks and Spencer
Unlike now, we all had PAYG phones (that's where you had to actually pay ten or maybe even 12p per text message sent. None of this unlimited data business. My boyfriend at the time had a phone plan which gave him four free messages per day, and my phone network came with five. Five texts. Per day. Can you even imagine? Anyway, since that wasn't really enough to have a whole conversation (and landline phone plans meant that you could call each other and talk for up to 59 minutes for absolutely nothing (Remember landlines? And the BT Friends + Family phone plan?!), we'd chat all of the sh*t we could think of then. Every night. And if it got close to an hour, we'd hang up and call back. Jeez. 

Shoes: Irregular Choice
My point is, since we didn't have a lot to text about, we'd play a weird game where we'd send random song lyrics to one another, and have to reply with the next line of the song. But, instead of searching it up on Google (I didn't have a computer, or the Internet, or a smartphone, obv), we'd have to listen to the song - on an actual CD - and find it that way. Cute? Weird? Either way, it was mostly Simon + Garfunkel, as we were both a little obsessed. And last night took me right back there, which was nice in a lovely-kind-of-nostalgic way. 

As a tribute act, the duo were great, to be honest. They sounded pretty close to the original songs, and the show was a lovely whistle-stop tour of the career of two of the most famous names in folk-rock. LB and I tried hard to resist their attempts at audience participation, which is probably a good thing as the only time I did, I lost the rhythm within about four beats (I'm truly hopelessly tuneless), but we had such a good time nonetheless and I'd certainly recommend.

Dress: Coast
Outfitwise, I went with a little more dressed up than a day in the office. This Coast dress was a 99p eBay bargain late last year but it's been sitting in my wardrobe ever since, so I felt as though it was it's time to shine. I kept the accessories pretty simple as it's kind of "prommy", but took the opportunity to use one of my Kate Spade bags, which I definitely don't use often enough. 

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  1. Love the sound of this game. I often reminisce about times before the internet where you would struggle to grasp at a famous person's name or a film they'd been in or a song lyric. It'd drive you crazy for ages but when you finally twigged...ahh, sweet relief. Also, this dress is gorgeous and you look fabulous!