Sunday, 21 May 2017

Sunday Shoes 136..


A few little photos of one of the -many- pairs of shoes I've added to my collection, lately. I don't think I was even familiar with this style before seeing them pop up on a recent eBay auction, but they're called Stick of Rock, according to their box. 


Very similar in shape and design to Trinkletina, which I have in a few different colours, I was already well aware of how they'd fit {i.e. pretty much perfectly}.The mixture of fabrics; red and white polka dots and also a pretty, ditsy floral print work really well together, in my opinion.


Again, just like Trinkletina, they've got a bundle of three detachable charms; on Stick of Rock it's an ice cream, a panda and a bunch of grapes. I think these are a really cute touch but I'm also glad they can be detached, as I do find that they can bump around on things, which can sometimes be unwanted.


And as for the fronts, they're adorned with a sequinned bow in red, gold and green and then finished off with a pretty heart and arrow charm. A lovely addition to my collection, which I know I'll get a lot of wear from. 

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