Tuesday, 23 May 2017

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Spandex and the City: Jenny T Colgan
I'm rather pleased to be part of the blog tour for this book. Spandex and the City is the book I took to Switzerland with me and read on the trains as we travelled to and from the airport. I was quickly drawn into the witty writing and quick-fire banter between the characters, here. 
Holly, described as being one of those unlucky in love people, is always being set up by best friend Gertie, but to no avail. One night, as they're out celebrating. the bar they're at is robbed and Holly throws herself in the way of the perps in order to stop her friend's ring from being stolen. This plan kind of backfires for Holly as she finds herself being tied up and dragged away. 

Luckily, local spandex-wearing superhero, Ultimate Man, isn't far behind to save Holly, and she becomes something of a media sensation when she gets back to work. The question on everyone's lips is whether she knows the real identity of their local hero. Holly doesn't. But,it's not long before their paths cross again and she's able to figure out who he really is.

Can she keep Ultimate Man's true identity a secret? Why does Holly always seem to end up stuck between the hero and his arch-nemesis, Frederick Cecil, who seems hell-bent on causing chaos wherever he goes? And what do they want with Holly...?

If you can keep up with the fast pace at which this story moves, it's certainly an enjoyable read for slightly-daft, escapism purposes. 

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