Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Tuesday Titles 133..


 I'll start by pointing out that biographies are not usually my thing. At all. I'm not really into the whole celeb culture thing, which makes it pretty difficult to care about a Z-listers childhood memories, or what have you.

However, having picked this book up for my Dad (possibly at Xmas, sometime in the past anyway), he offered it back to me after he'd enjoyed reading it. I'm going to admit that I read this over a while, as I kept is as one of those books I leave on the bedside table and pick up when I need just a chapter or two of something to focus on.

And? Well, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Whilst I don't buy into celeb culture, I find that there are a few famous people I really like because they seem to be genuine folks. Bruce Springsteen is one of those (along with Tom Hanks, who I adore). I guess having such high consideration of him made me a little wary, but I needn't have worried - he comes across as lovely as expected in the book.

Taking you through his whole career from childhood to the biggest concerts you can imagine, I loved the style and tone of the writing; so incredibly humble. I'd certainly recommend to anyone who is a fan of Bruce or his music; his take on things was great; from dodging the army draft when he was in his early teens, to making the decision to pursue a full-time musical career. 


  1. I'm not into the whole celebrity culture too except that I like my Doctor Who actors! I've never really read biographies either except for the odd one such as C.S Lewis or Princess May both of which I thoroughly enjoyed.

    1. I don't really read that many of them, but if it's someone I've actually heard of / am interested in, I'm likely to give them a go.