Monday, 15 May 2017

Whatever breathes life into your bones..


Recently, life and things have been getting rather chaotic. Feeling as though I've been treading water -both at home and at work- for the past few months, I've been trying hard to be more organised. 

I've been trying out different ways of attempting to manage my time better and thought I would share some of the things which have been working for me. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but I'm quite a disorganised (and forgetful) person, who also definitely takes too much on, so every little helps for me.

  • My diary is the one thing I'd be totally lost without. I'm really, really fussy about diaries and have an annual search for a suitable one - it must be lined and A5 size, with a day per page. I take it absolutely everywhere with me, all appointments (work and otherwise), meeting notes and a daily to-do-list go in there, and I basically can't commit to anything, ever, without first consulting it.
  • Having in / out trays which I try to clear each day helps me. I like to have a clear desk to start and end the day. I also try to remember to do different things each day; setting aside half a hour for, say, invoicing, then making sure I move onto something else. It seems to stop me from getting too distracted.
  • Essential items such as lip balm and hand cream stay on my desk at all times because if they're sitting in front of me, I feel as though I'm more likely to remember to use them.
  • I always forget my glasses, so keeping a pair at home and one at work means I am more likely to actually have them when I need them (mostly for close-up computer screen work, or sewing or reading). My current work glasses are these, which arrived last week and I'm definitely getting more used to. I'd been a little worried the frames were too big, but I think I really am beginning to like them. I always try to opt for colourful glasses frames and these are a mix of pink and purple, slightly translucent. Currently, are offerering 50% off all eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses on their site with the code: GSHOT50.
  • IMG_7182
    GrandPrairie Wayfarer  Eyeglasses: GlassesShop*
  • I often have to make myself notes, shopping lists and little reminders of things I have to remember. I use washi tape to stick my "things I need to take with me" list to my front door, as it seems to be a surefire way not to forget my lunch, or gym kit, or the things I need to take to guides etc. I leave the house before 6am each morning and don't often get home before 10pm, so there's often quite a bit to remember.

Do you have any tips for staying organised, or remembering all of the things you need to?

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