Friday, 16 June 2017

Friday Favourites 248..

FF248 Image
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Ohh, for all I was complaining about this week getting off to a kinda ridiculous start, it's (yet again) zipped by. I've barely done any of the things I'd meant to, but there we are. Sometimes that's just how it goes.

Some of my favourite things this week, then? 

001: This cardigan, from Joanie, which I'm fairly sure I've featured here before. But it's still awesome and I think it would match this week's dress rather perfectly.

002: Speaking of which, I've been seeing this Unique Vintage dress pop up all over the place (Instagram) lately. I absolutely love the bodice button detail, and the tie straps and just about everything about it. Plus, it's currently on final sale, which kind of means it's now or never, no...?

003: Ah, Mal E Bow. Every time I spot a new colourway of these, I wonder how my Irregular Choice collection can possibly still be lacking in any. But it is. 

004: And, just when I thought Kate Spade had my heart when it came to novelty bags, in steps Betsey Johnson and this freaking fantastic frog clutch. Want want want. 

What's caught your eye this week...?