Monday, 12 June 2017

Melancholy and champagne..

Dress: Joe Browns
Pretty much already exhausted after the weekend, which is kind of ridiculous considering it was super chilled. I spent a lot of it drinking coffee, catching up with friends and even managed a little sewing, with some assistance from Sarah. I'm feeling pretty excited to get some more projects done - I just need to actually find some time now.

Shoes: Irregular Choice // Tights: ASOS
This outfit was hands down my favourite one for a while, mostly down to the fact it's made up of presents from some of my favourite people. The shoes (so freaking sparkly!) were a gift from my fellow Paris-goers, and I wore them out for dinner one of the evenings and they received sooo many comments! The dress was a birthday present from my favourite family and this little t-rex is a gift from a while ago - he has been hanging about for a while, waiting for his chance to shine.

Bag: Kate Spade
I got all excited about the sunshine last week, but normal service does seem to have resumed now with grey skies and my mood to match. Luckily I have plenty planned this week to keep me busy.


  1. I can see why this outfit is a favourite, everything about it is lovely! I hope your week has been a good one, the sun is out now :)

    1. Thank you - this outfit is fast becoming a go-to!

  2. That cute lil bag is spectacular! x