Sunday, 4 June 2017

Sunday Shoes 137..


There's a reason why I was *quite* so excited about the arrival of this particular pair of Irregular Choice shoes. A looooong time ago, I spied them on the Spartoo site, having never before seen the style (which, incidentally, is called Lady W). 


Fast forward a few years and I'm casually browsing eBay and there's a pair in my size. I drop them into my watch list and expect to forget to bid on them, but I managed, and they're even nicer in real life than I'd expected! I really like the bright turquoise base colour, and the fact that they're covered in seasidey themed shells and starfish. 


They're an almond-toed courtesan with a lightly scalloped edge around the top, and are super comfortable. Worth the wait!


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    1. Thank you. They're a pair I've been keeping an eye out for for a long while!