Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Tuesday Titles 134..

Right Here Waiting for You
Right Here Waiting for You: Rebecca Pugh

I know I mentioned last week that I'd been reading this book, and I finished it on the treadmill the other day. Frankly, I'm still of the opinion that I'd thoroughly recommend it for anyone wanting a fairly light romantic chick-lit novel.

Rebecca started out as a book reviewer whose blog I've read for years and I can only assume that reading and reviewing so many books over her time has meant that she's picked up some hints and tips, because her writing style is so very readable.

I was interested in her characters'; their current day lives and their history - particularly the dramatic events which were alluded to, and it didn't disappoint. Find out why Magda and Sophie went from being inseparable, to never wanting to set eyes on one another again.

A strong recommendation here. 

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