Thursday, 15 June 2017

Vendula Sewing Shop Grab Bag..

Vendula Sewing Shop Grab Bag
Has there ever been a more perfect design for a handbag, in all of the world....? I mean, I'm going to go with "no, there has not." For me, anyway. This is the freaking awesome SEWING shop front bag, from Vendula. I know that in the past I've waxed lyrical about so many of their amazing designs, but I think that this one might just be my absolute favourite.


As with every other Vendula bag I've seen, this is just full of wonderful little detail. The rolls of fabric, and the shop-sign attached by chain give it a lovely three-dimensional feel. 


As with most of the grab bags, the top of the bag is hinged and shaped to look like a shop canopy, and I love the blue and cream used here - probably my favourite colour combination. The top of the bag is sturdy and it's a great size to keep all of the essentials in (even my diary, which I'd be lost without, but is quite large).


More amazing detail, with the street number printed on the front and some lovely heart-shaped bunting just making up some of the little touches. So much to take in.


Perhaps my favourite part of all - not only is this a tiny sewing shop, but on the back, there's also a pink bike, filled with supplies. It's basically me. All in all, a wonderful birthday present which I totally adore.


  1. I've had this bag on my wish list for ages and it's absolutely beautiful. I love all the little details. I just wish I wasn't so poor so I could snap one up. xx